RV over the winter

What Can I Leave In My RV Over The Winter?


Even though it might not feel like winter is upon us here in California, we still need to get ready for it. 

Once the weather starts changing, many RV resorts and campsites shut down or reduce to limited activity as a result.

As this happens, it’s time to make a decision on how you want to store your RV as you take a few months off to celebrate holidays and reset before you hit the road again in the warmer months! 

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the RV world or a first-timer getting ready to put your RV into hibernation for the winter, we’ve gathered a few tips on what you can and shouldn’t leave in an RV over winter or months of non-use. 

What SHOULD NOT Be Left In An RV Over The Winter

Let’s get the DON’T list out of the way first. It’s important to never leave these items during the dormant months when your RV isn’t in use. 

Don’t Leave Food

This should go without saying but it’s absolutely imperative that all food in the fridge, freezer, pantry, cupboards, and anywhere else is removed. This includes non-perishable food as well. 

You never know what the temperature will do to the canned food you leave and anything that can be opened or busted through will leave a buffet for critters and pests. 

Any food left in your RV will most likely mold, rot and be an annoyance (smelly also) once you go to reopen in the spring! 

Don’t Leave Batteries Or Anything Plugged In

Batteries can rust and explode, ruining items. Make sure that you remove the batteries from anything that requires them (remotes, alarm clocks, flashlights) to keep them in good shape. 

Also even though you have turned off the electricity to the vehicle, it is a good rule of thumb to unplug any appliances from outlets like a coffee maker, toaster, sound system, etc. 

RV over the winter

Don’t Leave Water In Tanks Or Pipes

Drain and flush your gray water and water storage tanks and pipes to ensure that no water is left in the tanks or pipes. Over the winter water will freeze and damage the pipes causing havoc and hefty repair to come back to. 

Flush and drain the toilet, onboard sewage tank, and anything that has the possibility to store water. This is a great time for much-needed RV maintenance by cleaning and sanitizing the holding tank and any other water storage. 

What You CAN Leave In Your RV Over The Winter

Now that you know what you shouldn’t leave in your RV, here are a few things that you can leave behind! 

Bedding And Towels

Bedding, blankets, and towels can be safely stored in a vacuum-sealed storage bag or dry storage container. The number one thing to ensure is that no moisture can enter the packaging you’ve stored these items in. 

If moisture finds its way into packaging, mold and mildew can grow, effectively ruining the items inside. 

Don’t leave anything on the beds or in the bathrooms. Store them carefully to keep them looking their best! 

Kitchen Utensils

These items are totally okay to leave in the RV over the winter. They don’t attract moisture or mold, won’t be dinner for critters and won’t cause any issues if the temperature drops. Plates, cups, utensils, and cookware can all be kept in their places during storage months. 

A quick rinse of these once you open the RV again is all they should need to be good to go! 


Did you know TVs are able to withstand temperatures as low as -20°F? Many modern RVs have multiple TVs and it can be a hassle to remove and store them. You won’t have to worry about that now that you know they are perfectly safe to be stored in the RV, even in cold temps! 

Just disconnect everything and unplug it from the outlet! 

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