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Why You Need Special RV Insurance for Your Recreational Vehicles

As a mix between a vehicle and a home, an RV isn’t quite like anything else on the road. That’s precisely why you shouldn’t rely on auto insurance to cover your RV like any other vehicle you might own. In many states, RV owners are not required by law to have specialized insurance, as auto insurance still pays for liability costs for these vehicles, which is all you need (in most states) to be legal on the road. However, checking out RV specialty coverages and investing in the right one should be at the top of any RV owner’s list in order to take care of a large investment the right way. Here’s some reasons why you should consider budgeting in some specialty insurance for your RV:

Storage Can Be Difficult

RVs are generally quite large, and that makes finding a proper storage space for them difficult for some. Most homes do not come equipped with garages large enough to handle an RV, and finding space to put a carport large enough to accommodate such a large vehicle can be impossible in many cases. This leaves owners with the option of leaving their RV parked in the front yard, possibly covered by a tarp. However, tarps can’t fend of all weather damage, nor can they keep thieves at bay. This is where something like comprehensive coverage is extremely useful. Generally, this is optional for RVs that aren’t still covered by a loan, but more than pays for itself in the event that your RV is vandalized or damaged in non-collision-related incidents like those pertaining to weather.

You Keep a Lot of Personal Effects in Your RV

When you spend a great deal of time traveling – or living – in your RV, the odds are, you’re going to keep a great number of personal effects inside. Whether it’s clothes or electronics, each of the personal belongings you bring along is important to you, and losing them via theft or extreme weather can be a serious blow. Fortunately, you can invest in Personal Effects Coverage to fall back on if this ever happens. Essentially, this type of coverage acts as a substitute for homeowner’s insurance and covers all of the non-permanent, removable items you store in your RV. The coverage covers each item individually, up to a certain dollar amount, so you can replace your most important items after a disaster.

You Call Your RV Home

Not everyone uses their recreational vehicle as a permanent home, but some do. For those that call their RV home for more than 5 months out of the year, full-timer RV insurance is an absolute must-have. This covers issues that no other type of insurance is going to for this unique situation, such as:

  • Full-timer liability (in greater amounts than general liability)
  • Full-timer medical payments (similar to homeowners medical insurance)
  • Full-timer loss assessment
  • Full timer-secure storage

Each of these types of coverage are designed specifically for the recreational vehicle enthusiast who sees their RV as home as well as a means of travel. From covering the medical bills of those hurt on the RV’s current lot to coverage for damages encountered in a storage facility, this coverage takes the worry out of relying on your RV as a home.

Sometimes Emergencies Arise

If you’re traveling in your RV and you break down, this could leave you in a serious bind in regards to finding somewhere to stay while repairs are being done. Emergency expense coverage is here to provide financial relief in exactly those situations. If you need somewhere to stay overnight while awaiting repairs, your insurance provider can offer a certain amount of financial support. Full-timers can claim a larger amount in these situations.

Driving an RV is Simply Unique

Driving or living in a recreational vehicle is simply a unique experience, which is why your RV needs its own special insurance coverage. While it might not be legally required in most states, RV insurance is a must-have simply because it makes operating an RV easier from a financial perspective. From Mexico coverage for those taking their RV on a long trip to diminishing deductible coverage that rewards RV owners for not making claims, there’s specialty coverage out there designed for every situation.

Learn more about the types of specialty RV insurance available to you and work with a great, forward-thinking RV insurance company to make every journey behind the wheel more secure than ever before. Your safety and security should always be your biggest concern while on the move, and the right insurance makes obtaining that easier than ever.

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