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What Type Of Boat Insurance Do I Need?

You wouldn’t drive a car without car insurance, you have homeowners insurance on your home, you even have health insurance to ensure you are able to be taken care of, so why would you risk NOT insuring your boat? 

Whether you have an old, small dinghy or a brand new mega yacht, you need to have the right coverage to ensure you, your passengers and your boat are protected. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of experience you have, even if you consider yourself a “Captain of the seas,” you still need to have the right coverage and insurance on your water-faring vessel. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your homeowners’ policy will cover your boat. Sometimes, it will cover small boats like kayaks, canoes, and other manual or small-motor boats, but when you’re speaking upwards of $10,000 or more, you should look into a separate policy that takes care of all your needs. 

Why Do I Need Boat Insurance?

Even though boat insurance isn’t required like auto insurance, it is still imperative to have at least some coverage on your boat. 

If you’re in an accident with another boater and you are not at fault and the other boater doesn’t have insurance you could literally be stuck up the river without a paddle and be dealing with a non-functioning and expensive-to-repair boat! 

Accidents that happen without another boater involved can still be costly if not insured. It wasn’t your fault that something unexpected happened and ripped a hole in the side of your boat or scratched it. So why should you be held responsible for paying out of pocket? Let your boat insurance help you cover the costs of repairs! 

Maybe a storm rolled through as you were docked? You don’t control the weather and considerable damage may have been caused leaving your boat out of commission and with costly repairs. Have peace of mind that you can get back on the water quickly with the proper insurance! 

boat insurance

What Is Included In Boat Insurance?

Trying to figure out what would be covered under this type of specialized coverage? Here’s a list we’ve curated that can help you further understand the importance! 

  • Parts
    • Machinery, hull, permanent equipment, fittings, furnishings
  • Liability
    • Can help cover expenses if you are at fault
  • Medical payments
    • Coverage for you or your passengers if you are injured on your boat
  • Uninsured Watercraft
    • Remember the example we gave above about dealing with an uninsured boater? Your policy can help you take care of the repairs even if you aren’t at fault due to the uninsured at-fault boater. 
  • Towing to shore
  • Vandalism
  • Storm damage
  • Accessories coverage – water skis, wakeboards
  • Wreck removal coverage
  • Pollution damage

Get The Right Boating Insurance With

Some of the things listed above that can be covered 

under boating insurance may be something you’ve never even thought of before. Let experienced and dedicated insurance professionals help you get the proper coverage to protect your boat, yourself, your passengers! 

Not only can we help cover your boat, we can assist you with the coverage you need on your RV, off-road vehicle, Airstream and more! 

Have an Airstream? Read our latest article, “What Does Airstream Insurance Cover?” for more information! 
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