recreational vehicle GAP insurance

What Is Recreational Vehicle GAP Insurance And Do I Need It?

There are more than 9 million Recreational Vehicles (RVs) on the roads of the United States today. From weekend warriors to full-time RV-ers, these owners know the importance of protecting their investment. 

When owning any vehicle or item of high value, having peace of mind that it is safe and covered in case of an accident can make all the difference in the world. 

However, not everyone is well versed in the plethora of insurance and coverage options available to them and which ones they should seriously consider. That’s OKAY. We don’t expect you to be an expert in an industry like Insurance that takes years to master and is constantly changing. 

That’s why we are here! At we help RV drivers, off-road enthusiasts, motorcycle lovers and boaters get the coverage they need at a price they can afford. 

So you came to this article looking for information on Recreational Vehicle GAP Insurance and if it’s a necessary purchase…and that’s exactly what we are going to discuss! By the end of this article, you’ll be more than equipped to make an informed decision on if it’s a policy you should consider! 

Recreational Vehicle GAP Insurance Defined

GAP stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection

What Recreational Vehicle GAP insurance does is it protects the owner of the RV if the RV is totaled or written off by paying the difference between the cash value of the RV and the balance still owed on the loan. 

Basically, if you owe money on your RV, this is a beneficial policy to look into. 

Example Of Recreational Vehicle GAP Insurance

To fully understand how GAP insurance works, it may help to see an example. 

In the worst-case scenario of an accident, let’s say your RV is completely totaled and written up as a total loss. However, when the insurance company looks into your RV they see that it’s only worth $20,000, but you still owe $30,000 on your loan. This means you are still responsible for the remaining $10,000 balance on that loan and most likely a deductible. 

Who wants to pay $10,000 and have no RV at the end of the day?! No one. That’s why GAP insurance is beneficial! It will help to cover that $10,000 that was left over on the loan and leave you with just a deductible to pay. 

recreational vehicle GAP insurance

When You Should Consider Recreational Vehicle GAP Insurance

There are many factors to consider when looking into getting Recreational Vehicle GAP Insurance. 

Here are a few instances when it might be a good idea to ask your RV insurance agent about adding it to your policy! 

  • Financing for 60 months or longer
  • Put down less than 20% of a down payment
  • You are leasing the RV

    • When you lease a vehicle it is sometimes a requirement by the business you lease the vehicle from to carry GAP insurance. 

Want To Know If Recreational Vehicle GAP Insurance Is Beneficial For Your Needs? Contact today! 

Here at, we are ready to help you get the RV coverage you need at a price you can afford.  We have helped hundreds of RV owners, off-road enthusiasts, boaters and many more get the right coverage for their vehicles and water crafts. 

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