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Upkeep on your Recreational Vehicles During a Pandemic (and always)

What do a bear, a shark, a cheetah, and a tiger all have in common?  Right now they’re all caged up inside of garages and docks around America.  Okay so I wasn’t being literal, which surely will cause some of you to breathe a sigh of relief.  The metaphor does ring true though for those itching to get their RV, watercraft, motorcycle, and off-road vehicles out into the “adult playground” that is nature.

Spring and summer are some of the most appealing times to be out enjoying a day of carefree cruising in the sunshine.  But due to the circumstances that we find ourselves in with national shelter-in-place orders still in effect, many owners are wondering when their time will come.  This order WILL lift, and in the meantime there’s things that aren’t quite as exhilarating as putting the pedal to the metal, but that are nonetheless extremely important to do.  

My list of basic maintenance that is well within your power to implement will keep the hope alive, because as human beings we make time for the things we care about.  When you treat your vehicle well, and appreciate its beauty in a different light, that first ride will be so much more sweet!  

So keep your head up, enjoy this extra time with your loved ones, and read on…

RV Maintenance

The best animal I can relate an RV to is a bear, and yours is anxious to be released to tour the habitat that is the varying topographies of the United States.  In the meantime there are some areas you’ll want to devote energy to during its “early hibernation.”  Check them out. 

Downtime checklist for your RV:

  • Resilience: 
    • Check the date-stamp on all tires
    • Inspect belts for cracks, frays, and rotting 
  • Age:
    • Be aware that unneeded wear and tear on the engine can result from dormant oil
    • Old gasoline and diesel fuel can leave deposits
  • Take advantage of additives
    • Use industrial strength cleaner at least once a year
  • Check:
    • Added weight increases tire pressure, and can lead to uneven distribution
    • Proper amperage across the electrical system 
    • Change fluids and filters as recommended on the generator
    • Be aware the sun can rot certain roofs so look for leaks
  • Change the oil
    • Helps avoid a locked up motor

Still craving more tips

Watercraft Maintenance

Sharks are powerful and meant to be in the open water.  And a shark cage is typically meant to keep them outside, but right now your watercraft is the one on the inside.  Want to keep its muscles strong until it gets released?  The following tidbits will help you accomplish that very thing.    

Downtime checklist for your watercraft:

  • Engine
    • Look for corrosion and cracked hoses
  • Propeller
    • Inspect for small dents and ensure propeller nut is secure
  • Battery
    • Check its’ charge with digital multimeter, and look for corrosion on connections
  • Bilge Pump
    • Inspect pump hoses for debris
  • Electrical Lines
    • Keep them clean & use digital multimeter to ensure proper functioning
  • Oil & Filter
    • Stay on schedule with changing both of these
  • Other fluid levels
    • Check power steering fluid & coolant
  • Hull
    • Are drain plugs in place?  Inspect hull for cracks or blisters

Want more tips for your watercraft?  We got you covered

Motorcycle Maintenance

The cheetah is the fastest land animal, and your motorcycle is comparable to one.  The fast twitch muscles need to be in peak condition to keep them in motion for longer.  This is no different for your motorcycle and I’ve found some great tricks to maintain optimal performance.    

Downtime checklist for your motorcycles:

  • Oil Change
    • Install new filter and add correct oil
  • Filter Change
    • Will help keep your engine utterly free of debris and dirt
  • Tire Pressure & Tread
    • Check the air and the valve that regulates the air
    • This will lead to better grip on the road
  • Coolant Changing
    • Read the driver’s manual for correct liquid to use
  • Keeping the Chain Clean
    • Will help make bike run better for a longer time
  • Battery Checking & Replacement
    • Prevent having to push your bike for miles

Off-Road Vehicle Maintenance

Powerful, untamed, bold.  A tiger is the perfect example of what your off-road vehicle is like in nature.  We’ve all heard that it’s a bad idea to try to cage one.  But you can help your ATV make the most of it by reading the following.

Downtime checklist for your off-road vehicles:

  • Check the Battery
    • Hook it up to a battery tender to keep it charged
  • Clean & Wash your Ride
    • Lubricate with WD-40 and add protectant to the plastic 
  • Change Oil & Filter/Clean Filter
    • Let engine turn over once or twice without starting to keep parts lubricated
  • Drain Unused Fuel or Add Fuel Stabilizer
    • Drain for plastic fuel tank and add fuel stabilizer for metal fuel tank
  • Covering your Vehicle
    • Use high-quality ATV winter cover if outside.  If inside use heated garage or ATV storage shed
  • Jack Up your Vehicle or Rotate the Wheels
    • Can prevent wear on tires and suspension
  • Wildlife Proofing
    • Cover exhaust pipe with muffler plug or rag, tape over any entrance points

Here’s more ATV maintenance tips.   

Maintenance and RVInsurances.com

I understand this season we’re in requires great patience as we all desire to return to a semblance of normalcy.  I’m in the same boat, and felt led to share some of my research so you can maintain that connection to your prized vehicles while we all wait.

All of the tips I’ve mentioned are invaluable to making sure that your RV’s, watercraft, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles stay at peak performance levels for you once they’re let out of their cage.  

But even while you’re required to store them for later enjoyment, obtaining coverage to protect them from unforeseen circumstances beyond your control is invaluable.  

Request a quote today to take that all important step towards years of enjoyment from your vehicle! 

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