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The Ultimate Checklist for Your RV Adventure

Believe it or not, Americans spend $120 billion a year on outdoor gear. When you’re taking an RV adventure, you’re able to skip some of the spending on tents and shelter, but you’ll see some other items (and costs) take their place. Do you know what to put on your checklist?

The type of gear you’ll need will depend on the type of adventuring you’d like to do. It will also depend on the time of year. You’ll have limited space so you should avoid piling your fishing gear on top of the gear that you bring for snowshoeing.

Aside from the gear for the activities you and your family like to do, there are some basic pieces of equipment every outdoor adventure requires. Here is the ultimate hiking checklist for your next trip:

Basic Camping Gear

Even though you won’t be sleeping outside, packing some sleeping bags might be nice if the weather happens to be perfect. Kids can be fickle and if they’re coming along, they might want to sleep outside.


You should always bring some tools along. You might experience a small issue in your RV where you need a bolt tightened or a door handle that needs to be screwed in a little bit. Pack your toolbox or an all-in-one toolkit to ensure that you have everything you need in a pinch.

You might also find that the kids are interested in putting together a project, like building a lean-to or a teepee from fallen branches. Bring a small saw and some twine so that you can build small things if you’re out there for a few days.

Low-tech people should have a little pocket knife on hand for whittling. High-tech people should have a power supply or portable charger to keep phones and tablets working.


Maps and atlases are a must for any RV adventure. Once you’re out on the road, your GPS might not be able to get a connection and will leave you feeling stranded. If you decide to explore some of the trails, a map can withstand more of the weather than your phone can.

Be sure to also pack a compass so that you can have a sense of which direction you’ve been walking for the last hour. Even if you don’t know where you’re headed, once you get out there, you’ll have a general direction to keep you from getting lost.


The main purpose of your RV adventure is to be able to kick your feet up somewhere comfortable. While they say the journey can be the most enlightening part of an adventure, you didn’t pack up just so you could drive for hours on end. Make sure you have the right gear for relaxing.


This is a basic requirement for any RV adventure but the specifics are up to you. Bring a portable speaker in case you end up staying planted in one area for a few days. You might find you want to bring some music to liven up your evenings by the fire.

Speaking of music, why not pack a few musical instruments. If you and your family play guitar or percussion, bringing a couple of small instruments along is never a bad idea. A fun family sing-along could be just what your trip needs.

Lawn Gear

If you’re staying in the same spot for a few days, you might be subject to the hot sun or a sudden downpour. Either way, this could make having a tarp a must. Bring a few ropes to tie it to nearby trees and to the side of your vehicle.

If you have some folding chairs, pack them as well. Rather than sitting awkwardly on a log, you’ll be able to kick your feet up comfortably on one while you sit on a reclining lawn chair.

Meal Prep Equipment

Making sure you have the right equipment is a must, but once you’re out there, you’re going to need to make sure you’ve got food. If your RV has a refrigerator, you’ll have it made.


Sliced meats and cheeses are a quick and easy solution to ensure that, if worst comes to worst, you’ll be able to put together a sandwich. Pack a few condiments, hummus, and an extra loaf of bread to snack on.

Once you’re out there, the feeling of sun on your back might make you want to go all natural. Pack along lots of nuts and dried fruit. Have some snackable fruits and veggies too. Baby carrots, sliced apples, and berries will be a big hit with the whole family.

Avoid too many things like milk and uncooked meats that could turn quickly. Think about non-dairy creamer and jerkies instead.

Some instant coffee or teas could be a hit for the morning as well.

Prep Tools

You’ll need some basic utensils, bowls, cups, and plates to eat on. Bring stainless steel everything. Disposable could be convenient, but it’s not as good for the environment.

Bring simple pots and pans. If you plan to cook over an open flame, bring all stainless steel cookware and don’t forget the oven mitts.

Safety Equipment

Bringing safety equipment is a must. You never know what could happen once you’re out in nature and since they don’t take up too much space, you should have some basic kits on hand.

Car Safety

You never know when you could hit an emergency while you’re on the road, in addition to a spare tire, you should have some tools for changing a tire.

A tire iron and a jack are an absolute necessity but you should also have some flares and emergency flags to let people know your car is in distress. Keep a battery charger as well in case you leave one of your cool RV gadgets plugged in for too long.

Personal Safety

A first aid kit is an absolute must. Be sure you have enough bandages, gauze, antiseptics, and ointments for any kinds of burns or contact with poisonous plants.

In advance of your RV adventure, it’s never a bad idea to take a CPR class every few years.

Your RV Adventure Should Be Relaxing

Don’t stress too much in advance of your trip. Make a list of must-haves and a second list of wants. Don’t stress if you don’t have everything you want.

Reading a good book in the midst of quiet bird sounds could be everything you need from this RV adventure.

For more ideas on how to have fun with your RV, contact us.

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