Traveling to Mexico in Your RV

RV life gives you the freedom to travel wherever you want when you want. It’s an amazing freedom that once you start out in your RV you’re hooked. A wonderful place to travel in your RV is Mexico. You will need to know a few things before you venture across the border. So hang onto your Sombrero and let’s go visit Mexico.

Most RVER’S have not been educated by their current insurance agent how their RV insurance works and what coverage is available.  It is important to us at RVInsurances.com to make sure our clients know   what coverage is available and how it can support their traveling needs.  If you are insured with a specialty RV insurance company and thinking about traveling to Mexico your current policy may already include physical damage coverage into Mexico.

You will need to do several things before you cross the border.  Here is a short list of things you will need:

  1. Insurance for your RV and tow vehicle. Be sure to have the proper coverage for traveling into Mexico. (Public liability insurance is what is mandatory and it must be issued from a Mexico domiciled insurance company)
  2. Contact Marty at RVInsurances.com to get a free quote on your RV and Auto insurance that will extend comprehensive and collision insurance from your United States policy into Mexico. We also will provide you with liability insurance quotes in Mexico.
  3. If your vehicle is being financed you will need a letter of authorization from your lienholder to take the vehicle into Mexico. This letter is only necessary when obtaining a Temporary Importation Permit “TIP” and traveling into Mainland Mexico.
  4. You will need tourist cards for each person traveling in your party when your stay in Mexico exceeds 7days. The cost of these forms change at the beginning of every year.  These forms are available through our office.
  5. Check all your safety gear such as spare tires, jacks, and emergency roadside gear. Flashlight, flares, and basic tools and always carry additional oil for the RV and tow car.
  6. If you’re not fluent in Spanish speaking or reading make sure you have a good translator on your phone or an English-Spanish translation book. Teach yourself basic Spanish so that you can read road signs. It’s not hard to find someone that speaks enough English to help you. Most stores have someone that is bilingual. However, you need to remember if you’re traveling off the beaten path you will find fewer folks that speak English.
  7. Get familiar with Mexico driving laws. Understand basic laws which for the most part mirror the US driving laws. Stop lights are the same color Stop “Alto” is red and so on.
  8. Flying insects in Mexico are large and abundant on the roadways. A good bug shield and a radiator cover that protects from bugs is always recommended.

Safety, you can find horror stories about traveling pretty much anywhere anymore. Following some simple rules of the road will keep you safe. When you cross the border you need to move on from border towns.  There tends be higher crime so move on lots more to see down the road.

Don’t flash money or pull out wallets in front of strangers. Know what you’re going to spend and have that money at hand.  If you are going to use a credit card, have the one you intend to use out of your wallet and in your pocket to hand to the cashier. Again don’t flash a wallet full of credit cards or cash. If traveling with cash keep it to a minimum. ATM machines are all over the world. Make sure to check with your bank about ATM withdrawals in Mexico.  It is always a good idea to let your bank and credit card company know you will be traveling to Mexico to avoid any holds on your accounts.

Jewelry, yes ladies we want you to look beautiful but flashy jewelry is just asking for trouble. Keep it demure. If you wear a Rolex® watch not a good idea. Grab a Timex® and enjoy the trip.

Crossing the border is best done early in the morning. It’s easier to see road signs and get directions during the day.  It is strongly recommend never to travel at night.  Plan your trips and destinations accordingly. Make sure that you have ample time to reach your destination before nightfall.

Some border crossing areas can be extremely crowded so give yourself plenty of time and it is a good idea to have a full tank of gas when you hit the border. You can be stuck in lines for a couple of hours or more depending on what’s going on that day.

Have your ID, passport, tourist visa, vehicle registration readily available for border agents or law enforcement. This will save lots of time and move the process along when asked for your travel documents. Valid Mexico insurance is also something you will need handy, make sure you have appropriate coverage.  You can contact us directly for your Mexico insurance.

Also be prepared for border agents to want and search your RV. Be sure that the agents have a clear path to look inside, pets are leashed and friendly. This will save you time. Remember border agents are overworked in a highly stressful job.  Be nice and polite this will go a long way in getting you through the checkpoint.

It’s a good idea to have proper change easily available for toll roads. Many highways in Mexico are toll roads. Having the correct change or peso’s available will speed things up.

When traveling Mexico freeways you must stay in the right-hand lane unless you’re passing. Enforcement is very strict for motorists. Speeding is not a good idea, if you’re traveling with an RV probably not an issue anyway, but do obey traffic laws to the letter.

Be sure to have your RV / automobile service prior to leaving on a road trip this could not be more important than before you travel south of the border.  There will not be a lot of service centers in Mexico that can help with RV issues.  It is always recommend to carry spare parts.

Same thing applies to your tow vehicle. Having it serviced and checked out before you hit the road is a great idea. Car dealers are more readily available in Mexico than RV dealers. So if you do have any major problems with your tow vehicle you will be able to find help.

Have fun traveling in Mexico with your RV. You will find a lot of beautiful areas to see and awesome hospitality. Like we said before the biggest thing to remember is Mexico Auto insurance that covers your RV and tow vehicle.  Make sure you have sufficient coverage before you cross the border. Unforeseen problems can and do occur, but if you have the right protection what could have been a real problem now is at least liveable. Have a safe trip!

Contact Marty at RVInsurances.com he can help with your specialty RV insurance and Mexico auto insurance needs.  1-844-727-7207.

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