Take Care of Your RV’s Roof

When it comes to taking care of your RV, the roof of your coach is one place you want to treat with tender loving care. Water damage can be the worst nightmare in owning an RV. The good news is taking care of the roof on your coach is first line of defense and it’s easy.

As your insurance provider we hope to provide you with useable information that makes your RV experience a pleasurable one. Sharing tips and real world RV folk’s experiences will help our clients make family memories for generations to come.

So let’s get back to how to take care of your RV roof. If you’re new to this an RV roof is made of rubber. With that come some preventative maintenance items you will want to do to prolong the life of your roof.

When you get ready to walk on the roof of your coach make sure your wearing non-abrasive shoes, consider your roof like a boat deck. Clean your shoes off thoroughly, bare feet work to. Make sure your coach has a total walk on roof (check your manufacturer for complete roof details). When walking on the roof don’t drag your feet, never put buckets or anything on your roof that could potentially tear or cause abrasion.

Never stow anything on your roof. Lawn chairs, coolers that type of thing.

Rubber roof material has a general life expectancy of ten to twelve years. However, without the proper care those years can quickly diminish. Things like small abrasions can quickly turn into cracks. So here is a checklist of things you can do to keep your rubber roof in tip top condition:

  • Rinse off the roof after every camping trip. Remove any bird dropping, or debris. Do not use a power washer for this. A simple garden hose and brisk rinse.
  • Visually inspect the roof for abrasions or tears. Spot seal any abrasions to prevent further damage. You can buy spot seal at your RV dealer.
  • While in storage use an RV cover if your coach is going to be in direct sunlight.
  • Use a roof conditioner (available at your local rv dealer) if live in extreme heat areas like Texas or Arizona. Direct sunlight can dry out rubber over time, so condition your roof as needed.
  • Check with the manufacturer of your coach for proper cleaning chemicals. Only use those chemicals suggested by your manufacturer. Most will say non-petroleum based chemical cleaner. When using chemicals make sure you completely rinse the chemicals off your coach.
  • Never store your coach under a tree. Sap and tree pollen will accumulate on your roof. Sap can cause major damage to a roof if left unchecked. Over a weekend or camping is one thing. Long term storage under a tree is never advisable.
  • Clean the roof at least a couple of times a year thoroughly.

Before you clean the roof, give it a good rinse before using chemicals. Remove any leaves, small sticks from trees. Have a semi clean surface to start with.

When cleaning your roof be sure to use a sponge mop. Be sure that the mop is free of any abrasive material on the sponge head. Rinse the mop thoroughly before use. Only use enough pressure to clean, don’t push overly hard. If you have an area for example bird droppings that are being stubborn to remove. Use a smaller sponge with a more concentrated cleaning solution for that particular area only.

Cleaning your roof is best done in 3’X3’ sections, then move on to the next section and so on.

The most important thing we want you to remember. Be safe if you get woozy on a ladder or are afraid of heights this is a job for someone that is not. Remember while on the roof it’s wet and potentially slippery so make sure that your footing is stable. Be aware where you are moving backwards cleaning the roof.

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