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Save Money Bundling Your Insurance Coverage

Most people know that shopping around for insurance coverage is a smart idea. It allows you to find the best price and coverage while also letting you see what different insurers have to offer. However, many people do not realize that getting all their insurance coverage from one insurer could be the best possible way to maximize savings. Insurance bundling is a common practice where an insurer offers a discount if you have two or more policies with their company, just like RVInsurances.com

The Basics of Bundling Your Insurance

The main idea behind bundling your insurance coverages is that the company is getting more of your business. Perhaps you have always carried your RV insurance with one company, but when you need to get coverage for your boat, you shop around and find the company you think offers the best deal but it isn’t the company you already use for your RV insurance. In this case, the insurer who is providing you the RV coverage loses your business on the boat coverage.

At RVInsurances.com, we would love to offer you both RV and boat coverage at a discount if you buy both from us. This not only allows us to secure your business on multiple policies but it also helps you. You get the convenience of having your policies with one company. If you have questions, you just contact us instead of having to contact multiple companies. In addition, we provide you savings, which could end up making your new boat policy much less than other companies can offer.

In fact, if you bundle your policies with one company, you will usually get a lower rate than if you buy one policy from one company and another policy from another company even if the other company offers a lower original quote. That is because with the bundle discount, you are saving more than the difference between the quotes for a bigger savings.

Insurances You Can Bundle

Insurance bundles can usually be made up of a variety of insurance policies. As long as we sell the type of insurance you need, we can bundle the policies and save you time and money. We offer the following coverage options:

  • RV
  • Boat and watercraft
  • Motorcycle
  • Off-road vehicle
  • Home
  • Auto

You can get any combination you want. You can even bundle multiple policies. The options are pretty limitless. You get all the coverage you need in one insurance bundle package at amazing rates that you are not likely to get elsewhere for each individual policy.

How To Bundle Your Insurances

Bundling your insurance policies is not hard. All you need to do is let us know you want another insurance policy and we will automatically apply the bundle discount. It works pretty much like any new policy where you provide the information we need and we provide you a quote. There is just the additional discount added when you have two or more policies with us. Just make sure when you are adding a new policy that we know you are already a customer. This ensures you get that bundle discount.

Bundling Insurance Pros and Cons

As with anything there are good points and bad points to bundling. You already know the obvious benefit is saving money. Plus, you have all your accounts with one company, which makes paying bills and managing your polices easier. In addition, it makes renewals quicker and can make adding new policies faster since you won’t have to supply basic personal information to use every time.

The downsides to bundling really depend on the company you are working with. Some companies give you the initial savings for bundling, but upon renewal, your prices go up, which results in you not saving money at all. You also need to watch for companies that will offer a bundle where a policy is actually outsourced to another insurer. For example, if you get auto and home insurance from a company, the company may outsource the home policy to another company. This may save you money, but it can be a big hassle otherwise. It is like having policies with two different companies.

Finally, something that can even happen with us is that an insurance bundle may not actually be the cheapest option. You have to be diligent and shop around to ensure that bundling really will save you money.

Insurance bundling is a great idea. While it may not work well in every single case, it is worth checking into. If you currently have a policy with us and find yourself with additional insurance needs, then please talk to us about your bundling options to see if we can save you money. Contact us today!

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