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RV Insurances for All Types of Recreational Vehicles

From Class A motorhomes and fifth wheels to truck campers and Class C RVs.

Recreational vehicles require specialized RV insurance. Do not make the mistake of adding your RV to an existing auto policy! 
Our RV insurance offers the specific coverage you need with additional options to personalize your policy, whether you want to make cross-country road trips or live in your RV on a long-term basis. 
Turn to RVInsurances.com for comprehensive RV insurance that protects you against anything, whether you are on the open road, at a campsite or your RV is stored for the season.
Whether you are purchasing your first RV or you have owned one for many years but want to look into RV insurance options, contact KADAIR Insurance today. We will help you protect your investment so you can hit the open road with valuable peace of mind!
For many, owning an RV is a dream come true. Recreational vehicles give you the freedom to explore the country or turn any weekend into an instant vacation. Your freedom does come with a responsibility, however, as you will need to protect your investment.
At KADAIR Insurance, we work with top-rated RV insurance companies to give you the best motorhome insurance at the best price. Whether you want to retire and tour the country or you are a family visiting national parks, we will give you the specialized coverage you need.

Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhomes can be as long as 45 feet and sleep up to 10 people. Whether you have a custom made Prevost or a Winnebago, you are serious about traveling and camping. It is more common than ever for RV owners to spend months at a time in their Class A RV, which makes RV insurance so important. Class A motorhomes are usually the largest RVs available, and offer many benefits such as improved convenience and the ability to tow cars or other items, but it also makes specialized coverage more essential.​


Mini-Motorhome (Class C)​

Class C RVs, also known as mini motorhomes, are different from Class A and B RVs because they are constructed on a truck chassis or a cut-away van with a sleeping compartment over the cab, full living quarters and the ability to sleep up to 8 people. A hybrid of a truck and a camper, Class C RVs offer convenience and affordability when you want to get away for a weekend.


Airstream travel trailers and touring coaches

Airstream travel trailers are an icon American brand that you can recognize anywhere by the shape and polish aluminum. These trailers range in length between 16 and 33 feet. They have also created the Touring coaches that are built on a Mercedes chassis and have high end features and amenities. Either one of these can cost as much as $150,000.


Van Conversion (Class B)

Class B RVs are those built by the factory for camping with a narrow body. Camper RVs range from 16 to 24 feet and sleep up to 4 people. This category also includes conversion vans, which did not start out as RVs. Class B RVs are popular because they are more affordable and provided a greater convenience. Also known as camper vans or conversion vans, Class B RVs can be difficult to insure. A standard auto policy will not offer the coverage you need for this type of specialty vehicle​


Bus Conversion

Bus Conversions are built using a bus shell. They are sent to a company that professionally converts them into some of the most expensive and advanced RV’S on the road. They include the most expensive finishes and workman ship money can buy. These RV’S can reach 45 feet in length and cost well north of $2 million dollars.


Medium Duty Tow Vehicles

Medium Duty tow vehicles can be a challenge to find insurance on. These two vehicles are commonly used to pull travel trailers, fifth wheels, horse trailers and large boats. The most common medium and heavy-duty tow vehicles are built on a Freightliner, Peterbilt or Volvo chassis, while a couple of car manufactures like Ford and Chevrolet offer trucks that fall in this category.


Super C/Toterhome

Super C and Toterhomes are typically built using a semi-truck style chassis. The most popular brands would be Freightliner, Peterbilt and Volvo. These RV’S include all of the high end amenities that are found in a Class A motorhome however; they offer the highest towing capacity in the industry. Super C can range in length from 35’ to 45’ and cost more than $400,000. These must be professionally converted to qualify under our insurance programs.


Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are the most popular in when it comes to the different types of RV’S. They can be towed by a van, or a medium size pickup truck. Travel trailers can sleep up to 10 people, range in length between 12 and 32 feet and cost up to $65,000


Enclosed Traliers

These trailers do not have living quarters and typically are used/pulled with your Class A, Class C, Super C, or Bus Conversion motorhome. They generally used to haul your tow vehicle, golf cart, or off-road vehicles. We can insure these trailers on your RV policy or stand alone. If you own a stacker trailer we can help with insuring those as well.


Fifth Wheel

Fifth wheel campers are the most luxurious of the towable vehicles and range in length between 21 and 45 feet. These trailers can range in price between $15,000 and $300,000. Fifth wheel campers have a hitch to goes into the bed and is traditionally towed by a pickup, medium duty or heavy duty vehicle.


Pop-up Trailers

Pop-up tent trailers are constructed with collapsible sidewalls that slide or fold down which makes being towed by light weight vehicles easy. These trailers are usually 12 to 20 feet long and cost between $4,000 and $12,000. They can include a refrigerator, stove and sleep up to 8 people. ​


Truck Camper

Truck campers are designed as temporary camping units that secured to the bed of your truck or chassis. They range in size from 18 to 21 feet and sleeping up to six people and range in price from $15,000 to $65,000. Truck campers are compact, versatile and a popular choice for the adventurous family.​


Sportsmobile Van

Sportsmobile Vans are a Class B motorhome built on Chevy, Dodge, Ford and Mercedes chassis. They are offered in 2WD and 4WD options. They include all the amenities of an RV in a compact version and can sleep a family of 6. These must be professionally converted to qualify under our insurance programs.

RV insurance offers much more than an auto policy could. Do not assume your RV is covered by your auto insurance policy; it likely does not offer comprehensive coverage such as Emergency Expenses if you need a place to stay while your RV is getting repaired, Personal Items Replacement coverage to protect your jewelry, electronics or clothing, or Vacation Liability to protect you while your RV is parked and used as a temporary residence.
Whether you have a large Class A RV, a camper van, a fifth-wheel or a travel trailer, RVInsurances.com has the coverage options you need. 

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