RV Battery Maintenance

RV’s rely heavily on their 12-volt system to run properly. If you don’t maintain your RV battery, you could be looking at costly and frequent updates. RV battery care can go a long way towards keeping money in your pocket, maintaining your vehicle, and saving your RV batteries.

If you aren’t quite sure how to maintain your batteries, here’s a few helpful tips to make sure your RV battery never lets you down.

Tip #1. Regularly inspect your battery cables.

Your battery cables need to remain intact to guarantee long-term use. Loose battery cables can cause unnecessary disconnection and greater problems down the road. Use insulated tools to prevent your battery terminals from shortening out. Inspect them regularly for the greatest results.

Tip #2. When replenishing your batteries use distilled water.

Never use treated water to replenish your batteries. Also, be sure to avoid water that is contaminated with metallic properties such as iron. This can eat away at your battery.

Tip #3. Keep terminals free of dirt and corrosion.

This is true of any battery, from your car battery to your RV battery, all batteries require a clean and dirt free environment to ensure proper voltage. The longer you go without cleaning your terminals, the sooner they will short out. A good rule of thumb is to check them once a month. Good RV battery care will keep your battery workable for the long haul.

Tip #4. Check your batteries more frequently during hot temperatures.

If you’re heading out for a summer trip or are journeying across the country, your battery will take a beating. Check your battery’s electrolyte levels and add distilled water accordingly to maintain it.

Tip #5. Charge your batteries properly.

Charge your batteries in stages for the best results. A bulk charge should be used only to get your battery to 90 percent its full charge within its first few hours. After that, use an absorption charge to get the remaining 10 percent power you need. A float charge should be used to keep your battery completely charged.

Saving your RV batteries can be done if you follow these general maintenance rules.

We hope these tips help you get the most out of your RV battery life.  As your insurance provider we hope to provide you with relevant recourses that help make life a little easier.

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