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Living in Mexico With Your RV

Mexico is a beautiful travel destination, with warm beaches, iconic views, unforgettable cuisine and a welcoming culture. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or turning your vacation spot into your long-term home, many RVers are considering living in Mexico with an RV. Here are some basic tips and helpful information you need to plan your new RV life in Mexico.

RV Downsizing Basics

The first step of any RV adventure is to make a packing list. More often than not, downsizing is the difficult part of packing. If you’re leaving your permanent home behind and planning a full-time life of RVing in Mexico, you’ll need to consider the items you can’t live without.

Otherwise, pack what you need and leave the rest at home. Being underprepared can be dangerous or uncomfortable, but overloading your RV will leave you feeling cramped and uncomfortable during your stay.

Packing Essentials

Once you’ve paired down your possessions and gathered the items you think are reasonable and helpful for RV living in Mexico, take a look at this packing list. Be sure you have these packing essentials to keep yourself comfortable and safe:

  • Water filters: Much of the tap water in Mexico isn’t safe to drink, so prepare to purchase bottled water, use water filtration systems or both.
  • Variety of clothing: Your dreams of living in an RV in Mexico probably involve warm, sunny days at the beach, but Mexico is a large country and includes a range of weather patterns and climates. Pack for cold weather, rain and other weather conditions.
  • RV maintenance: Consider what you’ll do if you have minor repair issues. If you’re planning on adventuring off the beaten path, you’ll need to change your own tire and perform other minor repair tasks.
  • Pesos: Don’t rely on your credit card to make all your purchases in Mexico. Withdraw enough cash for simple transactions, like fuel and meals.
  • Medication: You’ll meet many wonderful friends and strangers in Mexico who are happy to help you with any language barrier issues, but ordering medication in another language can prove difficult. Be sure to check whether you’re allowed to take certain prescription or non-prescription medications across the border, and stock up on essentials that are safe to cross.

Planning Your Itinerary

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Manzanillo and Chiapas are just a taste of some of the popular and off-the-beaten-path destinations in Mexico. Just like travel in the USA or any other country, but sure you have a clear itinerary.

Check for RV parks, weather conditions, gas stations and local attractions. Some back roads in Mexico are particularly difficult to navigate with an RV and can damage your suspension. Plan wisely to avoid snow in the mountains, closed gas stations and other seasonal issues that may put a damper on your RV experience.

Crossing the Mexico Border

Crossing an international border requires specific paperwork, patience and is only open at certain hours. Plan ahead to be sure you have plenty of time at the border to process your crossing and still arrive at your destination before dark.

Gather the essential documents you need to prevent delays at the border. You’ll need the following documents before entering Mexico with your RV:

  • Valid driver’s license and passport
  • Tourist card, obtained at the border
  • Valid vehicle registration
  • International credit card in the driver’s name
  • Insurance valid in Mexico

Important Safety Tips

While there is undoubtedly crime throughout Mexico, every country has areas with higher levels of crime and violence than other areas. The most important safety precaution is to research your route and avoid cities and neighborhoods with higher levels of crime.

Traveling at night in Mexico can be dangerous, particularly if you don’t speak Spanish fluently. Dress wisely and avoid flaunting wealth or expensive items. Have a mobile phone and a small amount of pesos with you for sudden breakdowns or other emergencies.

Overall, with proper planning travel in Mexico can be just as safe as travel in another country. With some common sense steps and proper caution, you can enjoy a long RV trip or full-time living in an RV in Mexico.

Insurance Coverage in Mexico

Your trip to Mexico can’t even begin without legal insurance coverage. Start your RV’ing in Mexico on the right foot by requesting a quote from RVInsurances.com. Discover how you can save money and enjoy peace of mind with a competitive insurance policy.

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