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Keeping Your Kids Busy While RV’ing

Why not gas up the RV, get the kids and head out on a remarkable vacation? We’d like to give you some ideas to help keep the kids occupied while you drive so you don’t have to hear the famous words of “are we there yet?” Those words really can test one’s patience so perhaps we can give you some ideas to try out and enjoy the drive.

One thing to consider is how long of trip are you taking. Will you be stopping to see the sights along the way? And finally, what in the heck are you going to do with kids to keep them busy on this long trip?

Why not find a spot in the RV and transform it into a movie theater? Movies always grab the attention of whomever is watching it both old and young. We recommend if you don’t have a spot already where you keep movies in the RV prior to leaving, have the kids pick out a few of their favorites to take with them on the journey.  While in the RV put all the pillows and blankets in one area, prop up the tablet/laptop make sure you can hear the movie and just like that you can have 3-6 hours of time occupied!

Now unfortunately movies always come to an end but don’t fret, use that time as an opportunity to make a pit stop. While taking this short break from the road, a fun thing for the kids might be to have them collect a memento. Once they select a memento ask them why they picked that one? This could be a great opportunity to teach your kids the importance of treasuring experiences. Once everyone has their momento and have stretched the legs, now it’s time to prepare for the next leg of your trip!

It would be nice if a movie marathon would satisfy the kids the entire way but eventually reality sets in and the kids want to do something else, plus most parents limit screen time, even on long road trips. So why not play a game where you just say the first thing you see and someone else replies with the first thing that comes to mind? Then whoever replies takes over. If you truly say the first thing that comes to mind then you should have plenty of laughs too.

We lastly suggest a couple ideas that the kids might like. Audiobooks are a good alternative, and are a great way to potentially capture your kids attention. And don’t forget good ole coloring books, colored pencils and crayons, that’s always a fun time. If you are going somewhere exciting with lots of walking, why not have the kiddos in the last leg of the trip nap until you get there to ensure that they are fully recharged. But whatever you do we hope this helps to keep your kids occupied while you get to the destination.

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