RVInsurances.com - How Total Loss Replacement Coverage Beats Out GAP Coverage Every Time

How Total Loss Replacement Coverage Beats Out GAP Coverage Every Time

Life on the open road involves epic vistas and stunning sunsets!  

But sometimes…it can look a bit gloomier.  

Every year across this beautiful country, collisions bring with them serious financial consequences for the unprepared.

No need to worry though, you won’t be one of those people if your RV becomes involved in one.  How?  

Because you’re about to get some information that’ll increase your well being and comfort as tires hit the pavement.

In the ring we have GAP Coverage and Total Loss Coverage…and only one will earn the title of champion by the end.

Ding ding!

Does Insurance Cover Total Loss?

Especially with standard policies, insurance reimbursement related to a serious collision doesn’t quite measure up to reality.  And that reality is, total loss needs some assistance to end up ahead. 

Also known as purchase price coverage, total loss replacement coverage gives you an RV with the same:

  • Size
  • Class
  • Make
  • Comparable equipment 

This is of course after you’ve paid your deductible…don’t miss that important tidbit!

The fact that your RV instantly started to depreciate after you drove that beautiful motorized vehicle off the lot surely isn’t news to you.  And you’d think that’d come into play in the event of it being totaled right?

Well let us answer that by sharing a major benefit of this extra “meat” on your current policy.  Come a little closer…after all we don’t want everybody to know!

If that day comes, the depreciated value of your totaled RV won’t come into play.  Go ahead, we’ll give you a second to do a mini celebratory dance.

Feel free to keep celebrating, but we do need to relay a few details about this specialty policy.

They are:

  1. Coverage is available for the first 5 model years
  2. It’s only available for previously untitled RV’s that are up to 1 model year old with no pre-existing damage

Limitations of Insurance With GAP Coverage

We already discussed the benefits of total loss replacement coverage, and now we’ll look at our other contender.  

But before we can determine a clear winner between these two choices, we need to answer the question, “What’s GAP insurance?”

Well let’s say your new RV was just deemed a total loss after the unpreventable accident.  GAP insurance is extra coverage that’ll handle the difference between the determined cash value on the RV and the amount of money still owed on your loan or lease.   

There’s that word “determined” which factors in the depreciated value on the RV, which is different from total loss specialty coverage.

Before you can qualify for this asset protection, your current policy must include comprehensive and collision coverage.  

Another point to consider is that GAP insurance can’t be packaged up with total loss replacement.  

So if you were hoping to not have any out of pocket expenses, unfortunately that won’t be possible.

Overall, GAP insurance does work for some people, but with an RV…total loss coverage is the victorious champion when the bell sounds.  

And there’s good news!

Our partnership with the leading RV specialty insurance companies gives you the freedom to become a winner too.

RVInsurances.com and Total Loss Replacement Coverage

With a depreciating asset like an RV, your road trips become much more worry free adventures with the comfort total replacement coverage delivers.

GAP coverage just doesn’t stand in the gap (pun intended) as well!  

RVInsurances.com founder, Marty Adair, has been a licensed Property and Casualty Broker since 1997. He started his insurance career working in his family’s insurance business where they specialize in Mexico tourist Auto Insurance. 

While assisting customers with their Mexico Insurance policies he realized there were large groups that travel to Mexico in their high valued RVs to vacation. It soon became apparent that there was a need for specialty RV insurance that would extend coverage across the US and Mexico border that could save his RV clients thousands of dollars per year.

Today RVInsurances.com provides the best possible service to the RVING community. We are a full service insurance agency specializing in full-time and part-time RV enthusiasts. We represent the top rated RV specialty insurance companies in the nation to provide the best possible policy for the right price. We are licensed in many states to help with your RV insurance needs.

Call us at 1-844-727-7207 today for a total loss replacement quote on your RV!

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