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Houseboat Insurance: 3 Things To Consider

Home sweet houseboat? 

If your home away from home is sitting on the water instead of a set of wheels, you probably have a houseboat

Houseboats can be stationary on the water or be designed to travel. Some sit on barge-like surfaces with flat bottoms and others resemble yacht-like structures. 

Regardless of what kind of houseboat you have, you most likely spend a lot of time on it during the season! 

Many who have a houseboat choose to live there on a semi-permanent basis during the summer months! 

If you enjoy spending your time on the water in what some consider to be a floating RV, you should have the proper insurance to give you peace of mind that your home away from home, your belongings, your passengers, and yourself are protected! 

Want to know more? Keep reading about a few of our “must-know” houseboat insurance tips! 

Is Houseboat Insurance Necessary? 

Unlike car insurance or homeowners insurance, boat insurance isn’t always required by your state. 

However, just because it isn’t required, doesn’t mean it’s not necessary. 

Depending on where you dock your houseboat, you may be required to have insurance by the business you rent your space from. It’s rare to find a marina that doesn’t require insurance. 

If you dock on private property, that doesn’t mean you still don’t need insurance. Are you prepared to pay for any damages to your boat out of your own pocket? 

Houseboat insurance gives you an extra layer of protection in case of damages or injuries that happen on your “property” and covers costs that may incur with rectifying the situation. 

Is Houseboat Insurance The Same As Homeowners Insurance? 

No, houseboat insurance still falls under watercraft insurance. Your houseboat, like any vehicle, is also not covered under your homeowners’ insurance policy. 

Houseboat insurance is more in-depth than typical boat insurance because you use it more than a traditional boat and you probably have more personal items and people onboard at any given time. 

It’s like RV insurance vs. car insurance. You have different needs for coverage in your RV than you do in your car. 

houseboat insurance

What Is Covered In Houseboat Insurance?

When you look into getting insurance on any watercraft you want to make sure it is the proper coverage for your needs. No insurance policies are exactly alike because everyone needs different coverage depending on use. 

When looking at houseboat insurance you do want to include the following in your policy: 

  • Personal Effects – This covers your furniture, clothing, appliances, and anything you keep on your houseboat. You can have coverage on these items if they are lost, stolen, damaged, or even fall into the water.
    • It’s best to make an itemized list and the cost of the more valuable items (TV, refrigerator, furniture, etc.) so that you are properly reimbursed. 
  • Equipment – This is often overlooked, but get your boating equipment covered in your policy! Covered equipment can include the boat trailer, anchor, cover, extra fuel storage, life preservers, first aid kit, flares, cb radio, etc. 
  • Liability – this covers you for at-fault accidents and helps you pay for the costs of repairs to the other boat as well as any medical payments, lost wages, or any expenses incurred due to the accident. 
  • Uninsured boaters insurance – As we said above, boat insurance is not required by law in some states so some boat owners don’t have it. In that case, if you get into an accident that is the fault of the other boater and they don’t have insurance, and you don’t have this included coverage, you could be paying for the repairs out of your own pocket! Give yourself peace of mind that you are protected despite others’ lack of insurance. 

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