Getting Ready for Wildfire Season in California |

Getting Ready for Wildfire Season in California

Nature has a way of humbling even the most stout-hearted when its full power is unleashed.  

Adversity comes in many forms but “weathering the storm” begins by first recognizing the hazard it could present.  

Then doing what you can to avoid unnecessary risk.

Every RV or homeowner deserves a short guide that helps get this job done. 

Lucky for you, we have just the thing!   

No Stranger to the Heat

One amazing characteristic about the Golden State is nearly continuous sunshine.  But warmer temperatures plus low rainfall carries with it a hidden danger.

And if you’ve lived here for at least a year, you can probably guess what it is.  

A real threat of blazes.  These natural disasters have touched so many residents in this extremely populous state.

California wildfire season always brings with it memories of previous experiences and can naturally generate some anxiety.  But regular preparation and open communication in your family can alleviate those concerns.

Learning from our past is what sets us apart from the animal kingdom.  So why shouldn’t emergency practice be written into annual family activities?

When Is Wildfire Season in California?  

Normally running through late summer and fall, this period has seemed to extend as the years have gone by.

Despite some forests in Northern California which seem to hide the fact, drought conditions have worsened.  Driving through the Central Valley, it’s more clear as you read the signs along the road

They’ve been put there by farmers and concerned residents about the water supply.  Southern California is another area that is more clearly feeling the dry conditions.    

So, understanding this risk, what can you do about it?

Keep reading for some actionable steps.  

Sound Preparation

Because you know when wildfire season in California runs, a great time to ensure your home and RV is prepped would be Winter or Spring.   

It starts with “hardening” your home.  We’ve divided your residence into specific sections and have tips for each area.    

Protecting Your Roof Against California Wildfires

Determine what class of roof you have.  Hire a professional if you don’t already know this information from the builder or previous owner.  Certain types like clay are Class A, which is the most fire-resistant.    

Protecting Your Siding Against California Wildfires

Stucco is noncombustible.  Do you have vinyl?  Either consider replacing it or at least the bottom 1 foot of siding.  

Protecting Your Windows Against California Wildfires

Multi-paned windows are strong against heat and not as likely to break as their single-pane counterparts.  Something to keep in mind when you receive a coupon from your local window company.  

Protecting Your Deck and Fence Against California Wildfires

Fire-retardant spray applied evenly across your deck and fencing will help keep any flames that reach your property from spreading.  

Protecting Your Vent Against California Wildfires

Cover vent openings with metal mesh.  Because embers are driven long distances by the wind, this will stop them from coming in uninvited.  

Protecting Your Trees Against California Wildfires

All branches should be kept trimmed back from your house and lower ones should be removed.  Have dead trees on your property?  Get rid of them.

Protecting Your Gutter Against California Wildfires

Use correct ladder safety and get up to clear them at least once or twice a year.  Once again, you don’t want to provide kindling for embers.    

Protecting Your Yard Debris Against California Wildfires

Fallen leaves from bushes and trees should be regularly raked up and thrown in your landscaping bin.  You want to aim for a 5-foot debris free perimeter around the home free. 

Adopt these tips over time, as it makes sense with your budget, and enjoy peace of mind when summer arrives! and California Wildfire Season

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