Earthquake insurance

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Earthquake insurance

Homeowners, especially those in California, have an ever-present concern that a major earthquake may shake the very ground beneath their feet.

And what surprises many is that the ensuing damage and loss isn’t covered by most homeowners’ insurance policies. Instead of taking on all the risk of catastrophic damage to your dwelling and property, ensure a comfortable life and the ability to rebuild your home.

How do you do that?  

Earthquake insurance that is all-encompassing, flexible, and fitting any budget is available and is the solution as you pursue the peace of mind that we all seek in life.  With coverage in 38 states and having covered thousands of claims in almost two dozen catastrophes, we’re prepared and ready to spring into action on your behalf if a major seismic event occurs.

Advantages of the option: 
  • Flexible and lower deductible options
    • As low as 2% and up to 25%
  • Complete coverage
    • Separate limits and deductibles for each line of coverage (standard, full, enhanced)
  • Multiple payment options
    • Full-pay, 3-pay, and 10-pay with recurring credit card
  • Greater affordability
    • Use sophisticated pricing models
  • Superior service
    • Best in class sales, service, and claims representatives
  • Dedicated claims management
    • Fast and accurate payment in the event of a loss
  • Coverage in 38 states Earthquake Insurance Coverage
What about the other options out there?

While most companies only offer 15%, with the California Earthquake Authority only going as low as 5%, we offer flexible and lower deductible options. Affordability and the freedom to choose the best option for your family are the reason we offer such wide-ranging deductibles.

Other companies offer low-limit & single-limit coverage, while our three plans give you complete coverage. Nobody likes being constrained inside of “the box” so we’re thinking outside of it to give our customers flexibility by broadening the scope of coverage.

A name you can trust, with the stellar customer reviews to prove it, we stand ready to facilitate that aforementioned peace of mind, knowing you’re covered and protected.

Call us today at 844-727-7207 to learn more about Earthquake insurance & coverage options.


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