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Don’t Take the Cheapest RV Policy

Powering through every weather element known to man such as: rain, snow, and ice, RV’s are regularly exposed to things working their hardest to do damage.  Because this is the case for many full-time RV drivers, it pays to get the RIGHT RV Insurance Policy.

In the following I will make my case and let you decide…

Do you Need RV Insurance?

There’s a strong case NOT to settle for the cheapest policy in the event that your RV is either:

  • Financed
  • Motorhome (Class A or B)

Want to avoid being hit with a big bill when your financial lien-holder takes out a full coverage policy for your financed RV?  Not only is this a strong possibility, but it might also come with no liability and a steep premium. So, it’s very important to do your due diligence and get several RV insurance quotes.

You should know that a lender will want loan reimbursement in case there is a loss. Because of this, expect to fork out a little more cash to get full coverage, but only if you WANT to actually acquire that loan (hint hint wink wink, you DO).       

Full coverage RV insurance should be considered to protect against:

  • Falling trees
  • Storm Damage
  • Vandalism
  • Baseball through the window

Before you laugh off that last one, know that stranger things have happened….just ask any insurance agent.

How much does RV Insurance Cost?

Although there are a number of recreational vehicles that could benefit from RV insurance, the main ones we will focus on are:

  • Class A
    • Length: 21 – 40 feet
  • Class C
    • Length: 20 – 33 feet
  • Class B
    • Length: 16 – 21 feet 

Plans do vary with your choice of insurance carrier, but different Classes of RV’s also play into the cost of RV Insurance.

Additional factors that will come into play when your policy is being crafted are:

  1. Driving History
  2. Additional Riders
  3. Deductibles & Chosen Limits
  4. How often you Use It
  5. Gender
  6. Credit Score (Insurance)
  7. Marital Status

For the most part, RV insurance is less expensive than automotive plans, mainly because owners don’t drive as much.  But for all my full-time RV’ers out there, expect it to be somewhat comparable to home insurance.  This makes sense because you live in your RV, and plus seeing how many miles you can put on in one year is a badge of honor.

There’s plans for every budget, and if a provider’s quote falls outside of your desired range, well there’s always a host of other opinions available to you.

Hire More than Simply an Expert

One vastly important step during your search for the ideal policy is to seek out not only an expert, but somebody who is also personable and responsive to your needs as a customer.  Just as important in my opinion is someone who is a Specialist in RV Insurance, meaning they sleep, eat and breathe RV insurance.

You may be asking, “Does it really matter if he/she can get me the cheapest policy?  After all, I don’t plan on talking with this person very much over the coming years.”

My answer to you would be that nobody plans on actually having to use their insurance, but circumstances beyond your control may necessitate you dealing with this person during a stressful time in your life and you want to make sure that this person can help you and go to bat for you during this difficult time.

Who would you rather have in your corner during that time?  

  1. The agent who has a world of knowledge with poor customer service, or
  2. Someone you would almost consider a friend and understands the position you’re in?

Customer reviews, customer satisfaction, and customer service all share one thing in common.  Us!  Representing the top rated RV specialty insurance companies in the nation uniquely positions RVInsurances.com to offer the best policy at the best price.

Final Thoughts on RV Insurance

To summarize, you’re required by law to have liability insurance at a bare minimum in order to drive in most states.  But when it comes to a more expanded policy, ultimately you have to weigh:

  • What value the RV is to you
  • And then compare that to the risk of its loss from physical damage and other factors

For all the full-timers out there on the open road for the majority of the year, additional coverage is a very important factor to consider adding into your family’s budget.

As a licensed property and casualty broker since 1997 and an RV Insurance Specialist, I stand uniquely positioned to offer you unmatched experience and a level of customer service that few can match.  

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on the coverage your RV deserves, I’d love to give you a quote today.  Or, feel free to give me a ring at 1-844-727-7207.

P.S. Want to read more about why it’s important to have special coverage?  Check out my recent blog that covers this exact thing!

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