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Does Insurance Cover All RV Types?

As you decide which type of RV to purchase, you will have to weigh a lot of pros and cons. For example, Class A motorhomes often come with many luxury amenities but are more difficult to drive while a Class B RV is more convenient for day trip excursions but has a more restricted living space. Fortunately, one factor you do not have to worry about is whether your motorhome qualifies for RV insurance. No matter what motorhome you own, you will be able to find comprehensive insurance coverage with RVInsurances.com.

Class A, Class B and Class C RVs 

These motorhomes all differ in size, but they can come with the same basic coverage you would get with any vehicle. You can acquire property damage liability as well as uninsured motorist coverage. Many people enjoy taking their RV out to a campsite to get out of the big city for a while, and you can acquire vacation liability coverage, which covers you if you get hurt while away from home. Coverage also extends to the belongings you have inside your RV, and you can receive compensation if anything gets damaged or stolen.

Pop-Up Trailer 

Instead of having another vehicle in your garage, you can instead invest in a pop-up trailer, which you can hitch onto your truck to take with you on a fun camping trip. Many people believe their regular auto insurance coverage extends to this trailer, but you always want to seek additional insurance for this item. Although some auto insurance companies offer coverage, it is never a guarantee, so you always want to double-check with your provider. In the event the trailer gets destroyed, your car insurance is not going to pay to replace it, and these trailers are expensive to replace.

Truck Camper 

You may also want to bring a truck camper with you on your next excursion. Similarly to a pop-up trailer, this device is considered separate from the truck itself and is not covered on standard auto insurance policies. A separate insurance policy will help immensely. You can acquire GAP insurance, which covers the difference between the amount you owe on a camper and the actual cash value of the item.

Travel Trailer 

Many people bring travel trailers with them on camping trips, and you need extra coverage if you plan on living in the trailer for any period of time. Coverage extends to any items kept inside the trailer, and there is even full-timer coverage, which offers the same amount of liability protection as a homeowners’ policy.


Insurance policies cover everything on a fifth-wheel camper, including the awning, satellite and TV antenna. Policies cover damage caused by everything, including low branches, vandalism, animals, landslides and collisions.

Many camper owners discover too late that their regular auto insurance policy does not extend to an RV or camper. Before you embark on your next trip, see how affordable a comprehensive insurance policy can be by requesting a competitive quote from RVInsurances.com. We frequently rank among the top-rated RV insurance companies, and we offer coverages on everything from 24/7 roadside assistance to total loss replacement. Contact us today!

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