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Decorating Ideas for Your RV

Whether you’re traveling for a fun-filled weekend or living life on the road, your RV will be your home. Unfortunately, few RVs roll off the line looking or feeling much like a home. Use these decorating tips to create a home-away-from-home helps you enjoy your vacation instead of missing the comforts of home.

  •  Invest in Stylish Flooring

Unless your idea of a stylish floor is dull beige carpet and linoleum, you’ll probably be disappointed with the flooring of your RV. Find ways to replace or cover up that commercial-grade carpet with something a little more homey and comfortable.

Don’t worry about pulling up the carpet, but invest in rugs and floor mats that fit your space. It should be easy to find a mat that covers most or all of the flooring in each area of your RV for personalized, cozy flooring.

  •  Decorate Your RV Walls

You wouldn’t spend weeks in your home or apartment without decorating the walls, so why leave your RV walls bare? Find humorous signs, photos of your family and artwork that inspires your travels while grounding you in a sense of home. Be sure to use additional fasteners to keep photos from falling while you’re driving.

  •  Swap Out Your Curtains

One of the easiest decorating ideas that combines fashion and functionality is replacing your curtains. New curtains are easy to purchase or make and create a fresh, breezy atmosphere without sacrificing privacy. Pick a bold print or stylish color to keep your RV looking like home.

Remember that privacy curtains are important, so be sure your replacement curtains offer the same level of screening. It’s a good idea to invest in quality curtains to block light during the day, so you can recover from a long night of driving to your destination.

  •  Choose a Theme

Themed rooms can personalize your space and make your RV feel larger than it is. Use colors, textures and decor to separate areas of your RV to distinguish your kitchen, dining room and bedroom. Use your travel souvenirs to inspire your decorations or bring a piece of home with you on all your adventures. If you have your whole family in an RV, use themed decorations as a way to separate areas. Even if your kitchen table folds down to become a bed, you can still allow your entire family to decorate an area and make it their own.

A theme doesn’t have to be complicated. A few maps on the walls creates a travel-inspired room, while a single color choice and photo can create a room reminiscent of a particular country, college or other location that you call home.

  •  Use Bold, Vibrant Colors

Say goodbye to bland white, gray and beige interior surfaces and invest in furniture, paint and accessories that use bold colors. RVs are typically designed with a muted color scheme to suit all types of travels, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with an uninspired, dull color scheme. Use your favorite colors and accent colors to brighten up the space and set the tone for your stay.

Consider the mood you want each room to exude. Light yellow and blue tones are perfect for a morning breakfast area, while purple, red or navy can be a great option for a productive, creative workspace.

  •  Create an Outdoor Living Space

As you invest in interior decorations for your RV, don’t forget about your outdoor living space. Part of the appeal of RV living is enjoying all the outdoors has to offer. Whether you’re parked in the middle of a cramped RV park or alone in the wilderness of a National Park, use matching lawn furniture, an outdoor rug and an awning to create a comfortable space to eat, play or just relax.

  •  Make It Home

Whatever interior design elements you decide to choose, the most important thing you can do is make it your home. Whether you’re traveling for a few days or living in an RV full time, invest in all the necessary features you need to feel comfortable and at home in your space.

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