RVInsurances.com | Handy Guide to Comparing Captive Agent vs Independent Agent

Handy Guide to Comparing Captive Agent vs Independent Agent

“Which is better?  More or less?” 

The moderator looked around the small table at the wide eyed group of toddlers and awaited the answer to his question.

In this popular commercial from AT&T, they creatively show that human beings always favor more options over less.

Now imagine yourself being asked that same question when it comes to coverage for your RV, motorcycle, or boat.  What would you say?

Okay, we’re not professing to be psychic but chances are we can accurately guess your answer.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into why you (should) want more…

How Are Captive and Independent Agents Different?

Odds are, you’re familiar with the commercials from the major players that fall into the captive insurance agent category.  

Constant exposure to their marketing may have created a belief that they’re the only option to fulfill your insurance needs.  But a word of caution…don’t be so quick to jump on the bandwagon.  

And here’s why…

As the name suggests, a captive agent works for and with a single insurance organization.  Unsurprisingly, the policies they suggest are within the narrow corridor of those offered by their employer.  Why can this hinder your options?


  • Outside policies may be all-inclusive or more budget-friendly
  • Unyielding underwriting guidelines may prevent you from qualifying

Now that you understand this, is there another viable option to cover your assets and family in a protective cocoon?  There most certainly is, and they’re called independent agents

Working with different insurers, they have access to a vast array of policies for your consideration.


  • Receive tailored quotes that better align with your budget and preferences
  • Walk you through the underwriting process and increase your likelihood of qualifying

Instead of being limited by a shorter list of choices, your partner in finding the best and most affordable plan will give you much more to work with. 

Are you still unsure which party to go with?  

Here’s an analogy to understand a captive agent vs. independent agent.  Whereas a captive agent is a pocket knife, an independent agent is a Swiss Army knife.  

Which is better if you want options? 

Why You Should Work With an Independent Agent

Sure, you have the power to choose between a captive or independent insurance professional.  It’s your money after all.  

But aside from what you’ve already read, there are additional reasons to select the latter.

Further oversight from superiors means captive agents come from a more inflexible position, which can trickle down to your insurance discussions with them.

In comparison, being independent frees up this business owner to go above and beyond in customer service and overall satisfaction.  

Viewing it as more than simply a transaction or a number, they work harder and more diligently to keep you on as a long term customer.  This enhanced business relationship means your best interests are placed ahead of any loyalty to an employer or major company…as in the case of a captive agent that might have quota’s and monthly number requirements.

A willingness to do the proper research in finding the right policy from one of their contracted insurance companies, independent agents are a great mediator between you and the insurer.

As a small business owner, they have a better understanding of their local community and the needs of their customers.

This knowledge equates to an improved experience for you and reduced confusion that can accompany insurance shopping. 

So what are you waiting for?

Independent Agent and RVInsurances.com

You now see why working with an independent agent is a wise decision.  This is especially true if you’re looking for the best fit to cover your:

  • RV
  • Motorcycle
  • Boat
  • Next trip to Mexico

RVInsurances.com founder, Marty Adair, has been a licensed Property and Casualty Broker since 1997. He started his insurance career working in his family’s insurance business where they specialize in Mexico tourist Auto Insurance. 

While assisting customers with their Mexico Insurance policies he realized there were large groups that travel to Mexico in their high valued RVs to vacation. It soon became apparent that there was a need for specialty RV insurance that would extend coverage across the US and Mexico border that could save his RV clients thousands of dollars per year.

Today RVInsurances.com provides the best possible service to the RVING community. We are a full service insurance agency specializing in full-time and part-time RV enthusiasts. We represent the top rated RV specialty insurance companies in the nation to provide the best possible policy for the right price. We are licensed in many states to help with your RV insurance needs.

Contact us for a quote and reap the benefits of an independent agent!

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