California Boating Safety Test Equals Overflowing Water Fun |

California Boating Safety Test Equals Overflowing Water Fun

“Okay everyone, we’re going to do a modified version of the YMCA,” instructed the sheriff.

He continued, “Everyone on board please raise your life jacket and form a Y.”

The driver of the speedboat simply shook his head as only half his group held up life jackets.  He knew what was coming next, and he wasn’t looking forward to how it’d affect his bank account.

If only he’d planned ahead.  

It’s time to make sure you don’t end up like the skipper here so you can cruise the waterways in peace.

Boat Test California 

It’s now been 1 ½ years since a mandatory requirement took effect for anyone wanting to take their boat out for some fun in the sun.  If you’re under 40, ensure you have a California Boater Card before taking your toy for a spin.  

Failure to do so will end up taking money out of your wallet.  Funds that are better served improving your experience on the water.  How much will it cost you?  

Infraction fees:

  • $100 (first time)
  • $250 (second time)
  • $500 (third time)

Beyond the financial penalty, each infraction also contains a friendly reminder from the authorities to sign up for a California boating safety test.

But why is it needed?  

Navigating Dangerous Water

According to the California Division of Boating and Waterways, a large percentage of the accidents involving crafts are due to a gap in education and training.  

Because the majority of Golden State residents don’t grow up with much experience on the open water, this extra learning is worth undertaking.  You can take the test online and pay a $10 fee for processing.  

A better informed public typically lends itself to a safer populace.  

Want to know some good news?  Should you pass, you’ll receive lifetime coverage.  Of course it’s an expense and involves you giving up some time, but it’s better to acquire sooner than later. 

Next we’ll equip you with a few other tips to complete your “Summer Here We Come” checklist.

Overall Boat Safety Checks

Now that you’re in compliance, you’re officially ready to soak up some summer sunshine.  Almost.  

There’s just a few last steps to take care of:

  1. Check the mechanical and electrical systems
  2. Clean all interior and exterior surfaces 

The battery and engine are areas to focus on.  Start up both and give them time to roar back to life, especially after seasons of inactivity.  Kind of like stretching before you try to run that 10k you haven’t trained for.

Air out compartments and give everything a good washing.  This should include hosing off equipment like life jackets so you can do the modified YMCA if prompted by a water sheriff.

Does anything seem off?  Take your craft into a professional before you head out to your favorite water playground.  

Besides gawkers staring at your beautiful, shiny boat, taking care of your investment with this additional maintenance will extend its life.  Once you get back on the water, you’ll never want the excitement you feel to end.

So do your part today and tomorrow will be just as awesome!  

Okay, you’re officially cleared for unlimited enjoyment.  But before you go, we have one final piece of advice.

California Boating Safety Test and

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