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Buying a Used RV Just Got Much Easier

Why does the term “used” breed hesitancy among motorhome shoppers?

Well for one thing, our culture puts a less than favorable view on the term.  This is a mistake.

A vehicle that’s conquered vast landscapes across the U.S. shouldn’t be discounted.  Proving itself in all weather is confirmation of its durability and reliability.

You’re here because you understand this value.  And we’re here to make your purchase as smooth as possible.   

What To Look For When Buying a Used RV

Because you’re reading this, we can assume you’ve already resolved the new vs. used RV debate.  Congrats!

But maybe you’re still undecided on the brand.  If that describes you, these 5 questions are worth reviewing before you proceed any further.

For everyone else, we want to equip you in buying a used RV.  Shall we proceed? 

Two major tips before we get into more specific details:

  1. Use a reliable RV reseller, not a private party
  2. Check out the motorhome in person BEFORE you buy

Unless it’s a trusted family member, and especially for first time buyers, go through a dealership.  Even if you have to put some miles on the car to visit them.  Believe us…this will prevent unnecessary headaches.  

Secondly, testing each system properly requires you to show up and make the inspection yourself.  It’s always wise to meet the seller and determine if you want to buy from them if you decide to go the FSBO route.

One final piece of advice.

Ask the dealer “Why did they sell it to you?”  This way you can identify any problem issues before driving off the lot.

Next we’ll look at a proven process for selecting your “dream-mobile.”

Buying a Used RV Checklist

Before you even leave the house, you’ll want to set a budget.  What’s the lowest price you’ll pay?  How about the highest?

You’ve come this far, so you should already have a brand in mind.  Perhaps you’re still weighing between different classes.  Although it’s not the end of the world if you don’t, it’s worth narrowing it down further.    

Got it picked out?  Good, now research the fair market value for any price negotiations that may occur.  Okay, you’re ready to head to the dealership.  

The best used RV to buy will be the one that checks off the most boxes in the following list.  Understanding it’s not fresh off the factory floor, these areas should nonetheless be met.

When at the Dealership

  • Survey the exterior for sun damage
  • Assess the walls for strength
  • Look for tire rot and wear
  • Check the interior for water damage
  • Review any maintenance records
  • Look for signs of termites or rodents
  • Test all appliances
  • Confirm the age of batteries
  • Verify the stability of its roof
  • Look inside exterior panels
  • Visually certify it’s clean and appears cared for

Don’t rush the purchase, even if you think you’ve found the “one.”  Take these extra steps if you feel good, but want to make sure.

  • Consider a professional termite/rodent inspection
  • Bring in a mechanic to review its internal workings

That’s it!  You’re now ready to make an informed decision that’ll be based on sound reasoning.  Feels good doesn’t it?

Before we part ways, some final advice…

RVInsurances.com and Buying a Used RV

When you’re ready to buy a used RV, it’s an exciting time of adventure-filled daydreams.  And the best way to make these a reality is safeguarding them.  

How do you do that?

RVInsurances.com founder, Marty Adair, has been a licensed Property and Casualty Broker since 1997. He started his insurance career working in his family’s insurance business where they specialize in Mexico tourist Auto Insurance. 

While assisting customers with their Mexico Insurance policies he realized there were large groups that travel to Mexico in their high valued RVs to vacation. It soon became apparent that there was a need for specialty RV insurance that would extend coverage across the US and Mexico border that could save his RV clients thousands of dollars per year.

Today RVInsurances.com provides the best possible service to the RVING community. We are a full service insurance agency specializing in full-time and part-time RV enthusiasts. 

We represent the top rated RV specialty insurance companies in the nation to provide the best possible policy for the right price. We are licensed in many states to help with your RV insurance needs.

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