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Top 10 Camping Parks Where You Need to Park Your RV

With more than 16,000 campgrounds nationwide, RVers are spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding where to visit first. Whether you’re planning an action-packed adventure break or a quiet stay in a rustic setting, there’s sure to be a camping park that’s perfectly suited to your needs and tastes. Here we reveal the top 10 camping parks with a range of amenities and locations for you to take your RV and turn your weekend …

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The Must Have Camping Checklist for Your Next RV Trip

You’ve picked your destination and you’re ready for your next RV camping trip. Or are you? Having a thorough camping checklist is a great way to make sure you have everything you might need for your trip. Camping is a fun getaway for all, young and old. RV camping is especially fun because it’s like bringing a miniature home right along with you. Camping is all about relaxing, so to make sure that’s what you’ll …

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5 Essential Fire Safety Rules for Your RV

There are few things more American than loading up your RV and setting out for a road trip. This is why close to 8.9 million households in the United States have an RV.  But in order to have a great trip, it’s essential to conduct routine maintenance and to follow certain safety rules. Taking fire and safety precautions will keep your family safe. Of course, it will also allow them to have an awesome vacation.  Let’s take a …

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Owner’s Guide: How to Clean RV Awnings

When the winter cold breaks, you start looking at your RV and thinking about where to go this summer. First things first, that RV needs a thorough spring cleaning. It’s more than just airing it out and running a vacuum through the vehicle. You’ll need to check the tires and brakes, not to mention seal the roof. The fresh water tank and lines will need to be sanitized. Don’t forget about the oven and fridge. …

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Press Release - RVInsurances.com - NIIC Changes to Safeco

NIIC Changes to Safeco

Immediate Release: May 18, 2017 : Temecula, CA I want to take a moment to inform you of some recent changes taking place in the RV industry.  These recent changes within the RV industry will impact our policy holders, in what we believe will be a positive outcome.  For example, things you can expect will include: availability of additional insurance products, bundling insurance for maximum discounts, and competitive rates. National Interstate Insurance Company, Triumpe Casualty …

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What to Look for When Renting a Commercial RV Storage Facility

Congratulations! You saved for years, shopped around, did a ton of research and bought a beautiful RV. The journey to purchase was fun. Achieving a dream like that is a nice feeling. Problems soon crept up, though, when you parked the RV in your driveway. Seems that local ordinances prohibit parking a vehicle that large in a residential area. But the RV is a huge investment, and you soon discover that you don’t feel comfortable …

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Full-time RV Insurance Coverages

Using an RV as a Permanent Residence Requires Special Insurance Bob and Sue looked forward to retiring for years. When the time came, they sold their home and moved into their beautiful RV, then traveled and rented camp spaces by the month. Everything was fine till one pleasant day a guest slipped inside their RV at a campsite and was badly hurt. Their RV insurance didn’t cover the guest’s medical bills. Then their RV was …

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RV Spring Cleaning

How to Prepare Your RV for Summer Travel It’s always more fun to travel in confidence. When something is wrong with your RV, it can quickly replace all that fun with anxiety and apprehension, especially when you’re traveling on the open road far away from home. Besides, unexpected trouble will make your spouse think that you didn’t maintain the RV well enough.  To avoid trouble, and to increase your fun, let’s do some planning ahead. …

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Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

Herb and Mable are driving their RV down to Arizona where they spend each winter. Both are excellent drivers, so they aren’t worried about the light rain that is falling. Their RV has one of those bumper stickers that proudly says ‘We Are Spending Our Children’s’ Inheritance.’ Suddenly a break opens up in traffic ahead of them. Herb sees a huge truck tire in the road, swerves to avoid it and bumps the car next …

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RV Battery Maintenance

RV’s rely heavily on their 12-volt system to run properly. If you don’t maintain your RV battery, you could be looking at costly and frequent updates. RV battery care can go a long way towards keeping money in your pocket, maintaining your vehicle, and saving your RV batteries. If you aren’t quite sure how to maintain your batteries, here’s a few helpful tips to make sure your RV battery never lets you down. Tip #1. …

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