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Airstream, A Slice of Americana

Airstream. A slice of Americana. The silver bullet has long symbolized the freedom of the open road. You’ve probably heard of Airstreams and recognize their distinctive round aluminum shape, but are you aware of what sets them apart from other RV’s? Let’s dive in and explore what Airstreams have to offer!

What makes Airstream so special?

The design of Airstream travel trailers is iconic. Similar to an airplane’s fuselage, Airstreams have riveted aluminum shells that are lightweight, but incredibly durable and self-sustaining. Their aerodynamic shape cuts down on wind resistance and improves fuel efficiency (20% more fuel economy). Each wheel has its own suspension to ensure a smooth ride while towing. They also provide modern amenities, all the creature comforts, and luxury details. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re gliding on a cloud while enjoying the same conveniences as a five-star hotel or luxury yacht?

The quality of materials in an Airstream is outstanding. Each piece of an Airstream is handcrafted with high attention to detail at the factory in Jackson Center, Ohio. In fact, according to Airstream, it takes about 350 hours to build each Airstream travel trailer (as opposed to 50 hours for an average white box trailer). The production team uses superior materials to last decades-from the ¾ inch light plywood cabinets to the marine grade flooring and leather seating. These gems are built to hold their value and to be passed down generation to generation.

Although Airstreams have been around since the 1930’s, they are always evolving and consistently innovative staying current with technology. Airstream is now equipping their travel trailers with smart control technology that will let owners utilize a smartphone app to control various functions of the trailer, such as, checking the propane, water, and battery levels. You can even control the awning from your camp chair or find your trailer through GPS (in case you have one of those “where did I park the Airstream?” moments). Additionally, in a movement toward energy conservation, the Basecamp X model comes pre-wired for solar power!

Airstreams Holding Their Value

Because Airstreams are built with such high quality materials with the customer’s comfort in mind, they can cost a pretty penny. However, they are a sound investment as they hold their value, are long-lasting, and such a joy to travel in.

Airstream claims that more than 75% of all the travel trailers they’ve produced since 1931 are still in use today. Your grandkids will thank you when it’s their turn to retire and it’s still in the family!

Protecting Your Airstream Investment

So you’ve taken the leap and purchased your own piece of the Airstream dream-you’re a part of history! Now that you’ve become an Airstreamer (yes, there’s a community of dreamers and adventurers just like you!), how can you protect your investment? First, you’ll want to download the Airstream Care app to help you manage your trailer’s maintenance, service contacts, and registrations.

You’ll also want to get a specialized insurance plan for your Airstream travel trailer that will protect it at all times. RVInsurances.com specializes in Airstream Insurance and has insured all types of RVs for decades and offers the coverage you need for peace of mind and financial security whether camping in your own backyard or out on the road. From comprehensive coverage to coverage for your accessories (like satellite dishes, awnings, etc), we have your back!

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