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Affordable Watercraft Coverage – Boat Insurance

Get Great Affordable Coverage for Your Boat or Personal Watercraft

Nothing is better than going out on the open water in your own boat or watercraft.  However, they also are a responsibility. Keeping them maintained is part of being a conscientious owner, but so is carrying the right watercraft coverage. Insurance protects you from high out-of-pocket costs should your watercraft be involved in a collision. There are policies for every type of watercraft, and RVInsurances.com has them all. You will get the right policy at a price you can afford.

Classic Boat Insurance 

Our collector boat and classic boat insurance protects many types of vessels.

  • Wood boats
  • Classic wood boat reproductions
  • Kit- or home-built wood boats
  • Skiffs
  • Many trawlers and cruisers
  • Mono-hulled sailboats

In addition, we can cover classic or collectible non-wooden boats at least 12 years old that measure 18 feet or more, have a top speed of 45 mph or less, and are worth more than $10,000.

Runabout Boat Insurance 

Runabouts come in many styles, so we let you create boat coverage tailored to your needs as well as your wallet. We give you many insurance options, including protection from fire, theft, damage, and accidental loss.

  • Coverage for fishing equipment and possessions
  • Tournament coverage for as much as $2000
  • Emergency assistance and towing
  • Protection against boaters without insurance
  • Agreed Value protection

You choose the best alternatives for your watercraft, circumstances, and budget, and we will do the rest. We cover many other types of boats and craft as well.

Personal Watercraft Insurance 

A combination between boat and motorcycle, personal watercraft are great fun. They also carry risks, and you need the right insurance policy to protect you in case of an accident. In addition to a good basic package, you can choose options such as physical damage, water skiing and towing liability, and wreck removal.

Pontoon Boat Insurance 

Pontoons can encounter numerous mishaps on the water, including theft, damage, and personal injuries. We have a wide selection of boat insurance options, and we even pay for a replacement craft. Protection is more budget-friendly than you may think.

Houseboat Insurance 

Protecting a houseboat can be difficult, as some insurance companies refuse to cover them. Living on the water brings unique perils, and our policy for this watercraft has many coverage choices.

Dinghy Yacht Insurance 

These smaller boats are usually carried by bigger vessels, but they still should be insured. We will help you create a customized, comprehensive policy you can afford.

Bass Boat Insurance 

Bass boats need specialized coverage that takes many factors into consideration. Our policy can be tailored to the needs of professional guides, competitors in fishing tournaments, and those who fish for pleasure.

Speed and Performance Boat Insurance 

Speed boats take on the water in exciting ways. Keeping them in tip-top shape is absolutely vital, but so is carrying the right insurance. You need protection from uninsured boaters, a transit and storage alternative to save you money when the craft is idle, and coverage for medical costs. Our policy has those options and more.

Fishing Boat Insurance 

No matter how you approach fishing—professional, sport, or recreational—you need to safeguard your investment in a fishing boat. From basic insurance to more comprehensive protection for fishing gear, our policy has you covered.

Mega Yacht Insurance 

A yacht must have the right coverage. You have made a big investment in your craft, and our policy allows you to customize its protection above and beyond our basic coverage package.

Pleasure Boat Insurance 

Pleasure boats come in many styles, and our insurance coverage options will protect them all.

  • Cabin cruisers
  • Ski boats
  • Party boats
  • Jet boats

Our policy will even cover damage from coral reefs and protect a crew and captain.

Other Types of Policies 

We also offer other types of policies for ultimate protection.

  • Boat liability coverage
  • Road and on-water towing
  • Personal effects and fishing equipment
  • Total loss replacement
  • Uninsured boater insurance

Invest in a Great Boat Insurance Policy

Our powerful insurance policies for watercraft let you build the right coverage for your circumstances and your budget. You get a free quote and then you can enjoy the wide open sense of freedom that only being out on the water gives, worry-free. No matter what type of vessel you have, we can protect it. Ask for a competitive quote today to get started.

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