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8 Ideas for Renovating Your Airstream

An Airstream trailer is a true American classic, and people can’t help but turn their heads when one passes by. From the gleaming stainless steel exterior to the dramatic round design, it’s a platform that’s often imitated but never properly duplicated. If you’re thinking about buying and renovating one of these mobile homes, you will have to contend with the spatial restraints put in place by its dimensions and unique shape. Here are eight renovation ideas to help you get the most out of your trailer’s limited space.

  • Start With the Floors

When renovating your Airstream, start from the bottom and work upwards. If your trailer has carpet on the floor, consider removing it and replacing it with hardwood, bamboo or laminate. Not only will this modernize the aesthetics of your mobile home, but it also makes it easier to clean up spills and other messes.

  • Create Opportunities for Storage

With a limited amount of space, every renovation decision presents a pitfall or an opportunity. When choosing furniture, cabinetry or décor, look for pieces that combine aesthetics with storage space. The more organized you are, the less cluttered your trailer will feel.

  • Futons Are Your Friend

Long considered the hallmark of a bachelor’s crash pad, the futon is tailor-made for an Airstream renovation. Not only will it provide seating for your living space, but it also creates an additional sleeping area for other people in your party. With so many different designs on the market, it’s easy to find one that matches your decorating scheme.

  • Add a Backsplash

Modern home kitchens don’t have countertops anchored to plain walls. Backsplashes add form while also serving the function of protecting walls from water, grease and other messes. When designing your Airstream’s new kitchen space, you can install a backsplash to recreate this aesthetic in your trailer. Be careful when choosing materials, however, because grout doesn’t respond well to bumps in the road. Consider using stick-on tiles that provide the same appearance without fillers and adhesives that will inevitably break down while you drive.

  • Update the Countertops

Sticking with the kitchen, countertops are another opportunity to modernize the appearance of your Airstream. While you do have limited counter space, you can use that to your advantage during the remodel. Upgrading your counters to a high-end material such as butcher block or marble is significantly less expensive than it would be to perform the same renovation in your home.

  • Choose Paint Colors Wisely

Make smart decisions when choosing a paint scheme for your trailer’s interior. For the main surfaces, go with a classic off-white or similar shade that makes the space feel larger. If you want to use visual contrast, use accent colors and shading to create the appearance of depth. You may not be able to make additional room inside the trailer, but you can at least trick your brain into thinking the area is bigger.

  • Hit the Showers

At the end of a long day of driving, there are few things more relaxing than a hot shower. While the stock showerhead can get the job done, it probably doesn’t provide the water pressure or spray pattern you get out of your home bathroom. Look for a low-flow model that gets the most out of your Airstream’s water system without being wasteful.

  • Don’t Forget To Decorate

Once you’ve done the heavy lifting of your renovation, don’t forget to add your personal touches to the design. You can pour an unlimited budget into updating your Airstream’s interior, but it won’t be worth anything if the space doesn’t feel like home. Without these last pieces of individual flair, you might as well be staying at a very nice roadside lodge. You can go all out on your décor without worrying about its security because the right RV insurance plan will protect your items from damage or theft while you’re out on the highway.

Protect Your Airstream

Once you’ve finished renovating your trailer, let the experts help you protect it before you hit the road. At RVInsurances.com, we’ve worked with customers since 1997, and we’re ready to back up your hard work with the Airstream insurance you need. To learn more about our different coverage plans or schedule an appointment for a consultation, contact us online or call our office today at 1-844-727-7207.

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