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7 Must-Have RV Accessories and Gadgets

RVs are the perfect way to explore our beautiful country without having to worry about the expense of hotel rooms. These vehicles allow you to bring all the comforts of home with you as you see national parks, seashores and other wonders of the great USA.

Going off the beaten track sometimes means you get stuck in the wilderness without an important piece of equipment. You should always have a checklist of critical items to pack before you set out.

Besides the basics like first aid kits and maps, invest in a few special gadgets to help you stay comfortable no matter where you are and what the conditions. Taking precautions will ensure that you have what you need when unexpected circumstances arise.

Here is a list of some important RV accessories designed to make your adventure even more pleasant.


If you are traveling to the southern or western regions of the country, you are sure to encounter some high temperatures. If you are sitting outside the RV, you will still want to be shielded from the hot sunshine.

Awnings provide protection from the sun’s hot rays and from rain. They also can give you some privacy if you are located at a crowded campsite.

RV slide-topper awnings will protect the roof of your RV from debris like falling rocks.

Because awnings can be expensive, you want to protect them from getting snagged on the RV doors and ripping. An awning door roller ball is a cool little gadget which will keep your awning intact though lots of wear and tear.

Wheel Chocks

One of the most important RV accessories you can buy are wheel chocks. These items are wedges which you stick under your tires to prevent the wheels from turning and the RV from rolling.

If you are parking in a mountainous or muddy area, wheel chocks will make sure your RV stays where you park it. Even a slight incline can prompt an RV to start rolling.

Wheel chocks are as critical if you need to go under the RV to look at a tire or mechanical difficulty. If things really go wrong and you need to secure the RV to a truck bed to transport it somewhere for repairs, wheel chocks are essential

There are basic plastic models of wheel chocks, but heavy rubber ones are more sturdy and reliable.


Even if you have air conditioning in your RV, all, a small portable fan is another important item for your RV accessories checklist.

A small portable fan will keep you and your passengers cool and fresh by circulating the air inside. They also help when the windshield gets fogged up.

Appropriately called “dash fans“, these gadgets have been favorites of truckers for years.

You want a fan that is quiet, so it can cool things inside the motorhome while everyone is asleep.


Crockpots are all the rage, so why should it be any different for families on the road? These items are great for creating easy, nutritious meals without a lot of fuss and clean up.

Many RV devotees swear by their crockpots. These items are especially suited to RV life because they do not emit a large amount of heat.

Fill up your crockpot in the morning, then return at night to a delicious dinner. What could be better?

An important safety tip: make sure you always have at least one fire extinguisher in your RV whenever you are cooking or have electrical devices plugged in.

Cell Phone and Wifi Boosters

In today’s modern world, even getting away from it all doesn’t always work out the way we want. Business or personal obligations often mean you need access to a cell phone and email.

Your cell phone service may not extend to all the places you want to travel. Two important RV accessories you will need in order to stay connected are a cell phone booster and a wifi booster.

Wifi boosters combine multiple antennae with an amplifier to receive and enhance internet signals. They plug into a USB port.

For more remote locations, you can try a Wi-Fi extender antenna, which is better at receiving more far away transmissions.

There are still some campgrounds in the United States which do not offer free wifi. If you are staying at one of these locations, you can stay connected by turning your cell phone into a mobile Hotspot, making it function like a wifi.

Solar Panels

Solar power is another trend that can be brought with you for life on the road.

The RV life is sometimes criticized because of its dependence on fossil fuels. By incorporating renewable energy into your RV lifestyle, you can actually recover from the sun the energy you use every day in your recreational vehicle.

RV solar energy systems are self-contained. Unlike home-based solar energy, this power cannot be sold back to your local electric company. It can only be used in your own RV battery.

Installing permanent solar panels on your RV the same way you would on a stationary structure like a house can be costly. However, you can add a little green to your RV life with a less expensive, more transportable solution.

The latest in RV accessories offer 120W solar kits that you can fold up and take with you. These can be used to charge up your battery so that you can remain powered up even when you are not plugged into a campground’s facilities.

RV Accessories: Increase Your Enjoyment and Protect Yourself

Many of the best RV accessories are intended to enhance your vacation or lifestyle by making life easier. They also protect you: they make sure you and your vehicle are safe from problems that can happen on the road.

Although the latest gadgets can be a lot of fun, keep in mind the importance of choosing items which will also keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.

For more information on how to make the best of your RV experience and protect yourself from any challenges that may arise, contact us today.

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