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5 Questions To Make RV Buying Super Easy

Here in America, we want options, options, OPTIONS.  But the end result of too many choices is a consumer hesitant to pull the trigger on any of them.

Purchasing an RV is no different, and especially for those stepping into it for the first time.  With each company showcasing their impressive features, where do you even begin?

Our goal here is to make that decision much easier for you, as the experience itself should be one that is actually enjoyable.

After all, you’re exchanging hard earned cash for future road trips packed with joyful and pleasant memories.

Let’s get started! 

First Time RV Buyer Tips

Your mind may already be creating a vision of the endless beauty that you’ll discover in your new motor vehicle.  We encourage that, keep dreaming big!  

But perhaps you’ve also come to the realization that, “Wait a second…I haven’t even considered which RV to buy?”  As you narrow down your decision to a single, ideal choice we want to introduce a methodical process that has worked for many buyers.

And we’ll make that process much more simple by asking you to focus on the RV type (or class) that is most tailored to your needs.  That’s it…we’re done!  Okay we’re just kidding as we have a lot of “meat left on the bones” that we want to unpack for you.

In selecting the type, especially for first time RV buying, it’s always important to start with 5 questions.  

They are:

  1. What price range are you considering?
  2. Do you currently own a tow vehicle?
  3. How many people will be travelling with you?
  4. What amount of time will you spend in it?
  5. Would you prefer public or private campsites?

Taking time to answer these questions will equate to time savings in finding the perfect match.  

We’ll look at these 5 in more depth next, but we wanted to jumpstart your brainstorming.

Let’s continue…

Which RV Brand is the Best?

There is the iconic Airstream, the familiar Winnebago, and so many others.  With all these choices, how do you find the cream of the crop

Actual RV owners and enthusiasts are the number one resource when it comes to the actual winners in their particular categories.  Reviews they’ve written may help steer you away from some, and get you excited about others you might normally pass over. 

Now let’s break down the questions we posed earlier into more detail and lock up the RV that aligns well with your answers.

There will be a recreational vehicle for every budget, and understanding what you realistically have to work with helps eliminate the unrealistic options.  Although often overlooked, you could even buy a used RV, so it’s good to know the health of your bank account before you set out.  

If you already have a truck with towing capability, selecting a fifth wheel may make more sense than picking up a motorized RV.  That class might be more well suited for those without a tow vehicle.

You may have tons of friends and logically try to factor them in when picking the size of your future “dream on wheels.”  But shift your mindset to only include those who will accompany you during the majority of your time on the road. 

How often do you plan to use it each year?  

You may be a:

  • Seasonal camper
  • Destination traveler
  • Road tripper

Finally, private campgrounds offer more amenities and hookups, while public locations offer more natural beauty with a more rustic feel.  This will factor into your decision on which “bells and whistles” to add on.

Keeping it simple will fastrack you to the reason you’re actually buying an RV in the first place, getting on the road and seeing the beauty of the United States!

RVInsurances.com and Buying an RV

This guide should have given you a great starting point on your journey to becoming official motorhome owners.  Once you’ve made your selection, you can either:

  1. Buy your RV online 
  2. Buy your RV direct from the manufacturer

Performing a simple Google search of “RV dealerships near me” should yield more than enough results.

If you’re taking out a loan we found a great calculator for you.  Financing can be a great option if you’ve budgeted in the payments that will be required.

RVInsurances.com founder, Marty Adair, has been a licensed Property and Casualty Broker since 1997. He started his insurance career working in his family’s insurance business where they specialize in Mexico tourist Auto Insurance. While assisting customers with their Mexico Insurance policies he realized there were large groups that travel to Mexico in their high valued RVs to vacation. It soon became apparent that there was a need for specialty RV insurance that would extend coverage across the US and Mexico border that could save his RV clients thousands of dollars per year.

Today RVInsurances.com provides the best possible service to the RVING community. We are a full service insurance agency specializing in full-time and part-time RV enthusiasts. We represent the top rated RV specialty insurance companies in the nation to provide the best possible policy for the right price. We are licensed in many states to help with your RV insurance needs.

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