RVInsurances.com 4 Uncomplicated Tips for Preventing Tire Dry Rot

4 Uncomplicated Tips for Preventing RV Tire Dry Rot

Cruising through a particularly barren stretch in southeastern Utah, the brand new class A motorhome stood out against the muted reds.

Without warning, the serene scene was transformed as the right tire on the behemoth gave out.  Before it finally came to a complete stop, the damage had quickly multiplied.

Everyone inside was safe, but the driver was already picturing all the money fluttering away from their bank account.

For regular nomads on America’s interstate system, it’s understood that unavoidable accidents happen.

But in light of that Utah blow out, there are steps you can take to prevent tire failure.  

Keep reading and let’s save you some money…

Why Preventing RV Tire Dry Rot Is Important

In the busyness of life, it’s easy to assume that your RV will always run perfectly.  Depending on the age of your motorhome, this is normally true.

But even with a pristine model, there can be things going on under the surface that may compound over time.

One area that can be neglected is your tires.  Avoid falling into this trap early on, as their failure can prove dangerous and costly.

Preventing tire dry rot is worthy of your attention, so try scheduling periodic checks into your annual calendar.

Some reasons damage occurs:

  • Tire age
  • Over or under inflation
  • Environmental factors

Rubber degrades over time, and added exposure can hasten this weakening.  This causes the chemical bonds that aid tire flexibility to break down and turn the tire from black to grey.

The sidewalls are the thinnest part of a tire, and when inspecting your RV, pay close attention to any cracks that’ve formed.

Replacement may be required if you notice this, but remember…it’ll save you money in the long run.

After all, the cost of a tire is dwarfed by having to replace the full axle or other expensive parts after a blow out.

Now that we’ve defined it, let’s equip you on how to protect RV tires from dry rot.

How To Stop RV Tire Dry Rot

All RV drivers can benefit from the following tips, but they’re especially valuable for part-time RVers.

Storing your RV for long periods of time in a garage or outside with the elements can make your tires susceptible to this degeneration.

Just like with humans, inactivity can lead to unforeseen complications down the road.  Although RV maintenance may not be top of mind for you, try penciling in time every so often to conduct a review of its health.

Preventing dry rot on tires:

  • Check tire pressure frequently
  • Use a ozone blocker treatment or UV protectant
  • Purchase tire covers
  • Hit the road!

It’s wise to keep a portable air compressor in your RV for trips, but consider purchasing a backup and leaving it in your garage for recurrent pressure checks.

You can find the recommended level for your RV in the manual or online.

Protectant sprays are easily applied to your tires and help block harmful UV rays.  We don’t recommend ArmourAll because despite what most drivers think, it’s been shown to hinder tire health more than help it.  

Coming in a variety of materials from canvas to vinyl, tire covers are inexpensive and easy to install.  To find the right size, measure the tire’s diameter or note the tire numbers.

Finally, avoid cracking in the sidewalls by driving your RV at least once every couple of months.

Tire age and drying out accelerates when it just sits in your backyard looking pretty.  So get it out there and show off that gorgeous RV to the world!

Preventing Dry Rot on Tires and RVInsurances.com

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