Full Timer RV Coverage

If you own an RV as your primary residence, meaning that you do not have another home or live in a traditional home as a primary residence, then you probably need what is known as full-timer insurance coverage for your RV.

Most RV owners are familiar with multiple types of insurance coverage. All of these are critical and important to owners. Full-Timer insurance coverage however, is the most critical coverage to full-time owners, or those that live in their RV full-time.
A full-time coverage policy protects owners that require coverage for an RV as the primary residence. Here are some important details for anyone that lives in their RV as a primary residence.

Full Timer Coverage

Full Timer Personal liability Coverage

This type of coverage provides limits for individuals that need bodily injury coverage, and property damage coverage. If you are legally responsible as the result of an accident, you can actually receive CSL coverage in amounts covering several thousand dollars.

Full Timer’s Medical Payments

Full timer medical payments to others provides coverage to others requiring medical expense coverage in the event that others are injured because of an accident while on the property occupied by an RV used for a primary residence.

Full Timer’s Loss Assessment

This coverage pays for assessments charged to the full-time residence owners, while they are a member or tenant of an association.

Full Timer RV Insurance

Storage Shed Contents

This coverage provides coverage for the contents that may be located within a shed that is owned by an individual that lives in a full time RV as a resident, when contents are lost or damaged.

Full timer coverage is not optional for full timers. If you plan to live in your RV, full timer coverage is just as important as home insurance, or renters insurance for renters. If anything were to happen to you or individuals on the residence of your RV property, you will want to be sure that you provide coverage.

Contact KADAIR Insurance for more information about the types of coverage available to you. You can also combine this policy with other types of coverage in the event you feel you need emergency coverage, or other coverage to help provide the best possible coverage for your RV.

Owning an RV is a great joy, and a responsibility. Take the time to enjoy the property you own, while also remembering to protect the property you cherish.

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