UTV Insurance in Connecticut

Utility ATV insurance policy in Connecticut

Three-wheeled utility all-terrain vehicles, or UTVs, were first released in the 1980s and quickly become popular. When it was discovered they were too dangerous, the four-wheel-drive utility AT we know today was released a few years later. UTVs are used in construction, hunting, ranching, farming and recreation, often with an advantage over other types of ATVs on certain terrain in Connecticut.

If you are part of the growing UTV trend, you want to make sure your investment is protected. UTV insurance from KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut will protect your UTV from a range of possible hazards, including collisions, liability and theft.

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Do You Need Utility ATV Insurance in Connecticut?

Do not make the mistake of assuming that your homeowner’s policy will protect your UTV. While you can add an endorsement to your home insurance, this will only cover you if you are on your own property in Connecticut. If you leave your property in Connecticut to ride, you must have the protection of a separate ATV or UTV policy.

You may even be required to carry utility ATV insurance, depending on your state, where you will ride and what your ATV is used for. Virtually every state that requires coverage has a minimum liability insurance requirement to meet.

If you will use your UTV for work-related purposes, you may need to carry commercial vehicle insurance with a coverage minimum that is higher than a policy for personal use. If you have financed the purchase of your UTV, you may also be required to carry comprehensive, and collision coverage, for the life of the loan.

While not every state requires ATV insurance for riding on private land, many do require you have an insurance policy if you ride on state-owned land, such as a state park in Connecticut.

Even if you are not required to have insurance in Connecticut, it is a smart choice to protect your investment, as well as yourself and any passengers. A collision or roll-over -- which is the most common type of UTV accident -- can result in injury to yourself and others. Without insurance, you may find yourself dealing with very high medical bills or even litigation.

What UTV Insurance Covers in Connecticut

You can choose among several types of coverage options for your UTV insurance policy, including:

UTV insurance in Connecticut
  • Liability coverage, to protect you if you are found at fault for an accident while driving your utility ATV in Connecticut. If the accident causes injury or property damage, your policy will cover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and damage to property. It will also cover your legal fees and court costs in case of a lawsuit.
  • Medical coverage if you or covered family members are injured while riding the UTV, regardless of who is at fault for the accident, you will receive compensation for out-of-pocket medical costs. This coverage will cover your costs, regardless of whether or not you have medical insurance, to a limit.
  • Collision coverage Collision coverage works just like auto collision coverage, protecting you by paying for damages to your utility ATV if you collide with an object or vehicle, or if the vehicle sustains damage in a rollover.
  • Comprehensive coverage protects you against losses and damage to your vehicle from non-collision causes, including vandalism, fire and acts of nature. Comprehensive coverage includes your ATV equipment and upgrades.
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage protects you if you are in an accident in Connecticut with a third party who is at fault and does not have insurance or lacks adequate insurance. This is especially important if you live in a state that does not require ATV insurance.

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Utility ATV insurance in Connecticut

Do not go out for another ride in Connecticut without protecting yourself and your valuable investment. Are you protected if you get into a rollover accident, strike a utility pole or get injured? Utility ATV insurance is an important part of owning a UTV, and much more affordable than you may think.

You can also save even more on your UTV policy by qualifying for discounts, such as insuring more than one ATV or UTV, combining other insurance policies or transferring an existing policy.

KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut will help you find the perfect UTV policy to fit your needs with the coverage you need at an affordable price. You do not need to waste your time getting quotes from several companies in Connecticut; we do the comparison shopping for you, comparing utility ATV quotes from many top-rated insurance companies.

What are you waiting for? Get a free UTV quote today for valuable peace of mind the next time you head out riding.