RV Insurance in Connecticut

Whether you are purchasing your first RV or you have owned one for many years but want to look into RV insurance options, contact KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut today. We will help you protect your investment so you can hit the open road with valuable peace of mind!

For many, owning an RV is a dream come true. Recreational vehicles give you the freedom to explore the country or turn any weekend into an instant vacation. Your freedom does come with a responsibility, however, as you will need to protect your investment.

At KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut, we work with top-rated RV insurance companies to give you the best motorhome insurance at the best price. Whether you want to retire and tour the country or you are a family visiting national parks, we will give you the specialized coverage you need.

Camper Van Insurance in Connecticut
Class A RV Insurance in Connecticut

RV insurance offers much more than an auto policy could. Do not assume your RV is covered by your auto insurance; it likely does not offer comprehensive coverage such as Emergency Expenses if you need a place to stay while your RV is getting repaired, Personal Items Replacement coverage to protect your jewelry, electronics or clothing, or Vacation Liability to protect you while your RV is parked and used as a temporary residence.

Whether you have a large Class A RV, a camper van, a fifth-wheel or a travel trailer, KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut has the coverage options you need. Contact us today for a free RV insurance quote!