Pop-Up Trailer Insurance in Connecticut

Pop-up tent trailers are usually moderately priced compared to fifth wheel trailers and fully enclosed RVs, and they can make for a great weekend getaway. Unfortunately, many people do not carry adequate insurance for their tent trailer or their possessions, often mistakenly assuming their auto or home insurance policy will provide the coverage you need.

Pop up trailer insurance is the best way to make sure your trailer is covered, as well as your possessions, before you head out on your next adventure in the great outdoors.

KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut offers comprehensive insurance policies for pop-up tent trailers, which have the following characteristics:

  • Constructed with collapsible sidewalls that slide or fold down to be towed by a light vehicle
  • Usually less than 12 feet long but may be anywhere from 15 to 23 feet when open
  • Few luxuries but large pop-up trailers may have a refrigerator, stove and sleep up to 8 people
Pop Up Tent Trailer Insurance in Connecticut

Do I Need Tent Trailer Insurance in Connecticut?

Pop-up tent trailer insurance is important because many tent trailers can be very expensive to purchase or replace, particularly new or large models. It is also a good idea to get a pop-up trailer insurance policy if you have financed your trailer with a loan. If your trailer is destroyed and you do not have comprehensive coverage, you are still responsible for payments on your loan.

Keep in mind tent trailers can catch fire at your camp site, be stolen or get damaged by severe weather. What would you do in such a situation? KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut offers towing and roadside assistance coverage for tent trailers, which means you will be covered if your trailer must be towed back for repairs or if you have to stay in lodging.

Pop-up trailer insurance also covers your personal belongings in your tent trailer, which includes electronics, cooking supplies, fishing equipment, etc. This is especially important, as your car insurance likely offers no coverage for these belongings.

Finally, consider the issue of liability. Will you be bringing guests to a camping trip in your pop-up trailer? If so, vacation liability coverage protects you while you are parked at your campsite location by paying for medical treatment if a guest is injured on the trip.

Pop Up Tent Insurance in Connecticut

Get a Pop-Up Trailer Insurance Quote

Pop-up tent trailer insurance is generally very affordable, and the cost is determined by many factors such as the dimensions of your trailer, the trailer's condition, the age, make and model of the trailer, the drivers included on your policy and any safety devices installed.

Your pop-up trailer is an investment, so make sure you have the coverage you need before you head out. Contact KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut today for a free pop-up tent trailer insurance quote for a customized policy that offers the coverage you need at a price that fits your budget.