Personal Umbrella Coverage in Connecticut

Personal umbrella insurance picks up where your auto and home coverage stops. If you own a home, condo, boat, ATV, motorcycle or car, you are open to legal action. Are you protected?

Coverage You Can Depend On

At KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut, we have you covered. We know that one serious accident or injury on your property is all it takes for a potentially costly jury award. What is a repairman slips on your stairway while leaving your house? What if, while serving to avoid an animal, you hit a motorist or pedestrian, whose expenses exceed the limit of your insurance?

With KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut personal umbrella insurance, you do not have to worry. You can be covered for just an extra $1 per day with coverage of up to $5 million in additional liability protection.

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Personal Umbrella Insurance Covers You

  • Up to $5 million in coverage to extend your home and auto insurance policies
  • Personal injury coverage for claims of defamation of character, slander and libel
  • Worldwide coverage because accidents can happen anywhere
  • Vacation rental liability to protect jet skis, boats and other recreational rentals
  • Defense coverage to cover any attorneys' fees and legal costs
Personal Umbrella insurance in Connecticut

How It Works

Personal umbrella insurance coverage is actually rather straightforward. Imagine you are sued for $900,000 after an accident on your property, but your insurance only covers up to $400,000 in damages. Without personal umbrella insurance, you are responsible for that extra $500,000.

Personal umbrella insurance covers you and your family members by paying for claims that exceed the liability limits of your homeowners or auto policy to keep you safe.

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Keep your family secure. Protect your lifestyle. Do it for less than $1 a day. We offer both comprehensive and affordable protection. Remember: if you own a home or condo, or drive a motor vehicle, ATV, boat or motorcycle, you are vulnerable to large judgments and legal action. Call us today for a quote on an affordable umbrella insurance policy.