On-Water & Roadside Towing in Connecticut

Boat insurance in Connecticut

Do On-water towing and labor coverage means your insurance policy will pay up to $1,000 when your boat must be toward back. If your boat needs a tow because it runs out of gas, gets stalled or stuck or you have an accident and need to be rescued, you can rest easy knowing you are covered.

There are two types of towing coverage you can choose for your customized boat insurance policy: towing and salvage. Towing insurance is designed for minor incidents such as running out of gas that requires you be towed to shore. Salvage insurance, on the other hand, covers you if your boat is totaled.

Your towing assistance coverage will include:

  • Towing to the nearest facility for necessary repairs
  • Delivery of a battery, parts, oil, gasoline or emergency labor while on the water

Boat Roadside Assistance in Connecticut

While most boat insurance deals with issues that may occur on the water, on-road assistance is also available to protect you if you are in an accident or have issues while you are towing your boat. Roadside assistance provides towing to the nearest qualified repair facility while covering the labor if your boat trailer or tow vehicle is disabled due to:

  • Stuck in snow, mud, water or sand
  • Lockout, stolen or lost keys
  • Flat tire
  • Run out of gas, oil, or water
  • Battery dies
  • Mechanical or electrical failure

While some car insurance policies will cover you for towing if you are transporting your boat, many will not. If you plan on towing your boat, make sure you get a boat insurance policy that includes protection for a towed vehicle.

Contact KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut today to get a quote for a boat insurance policy that incorporates boat towing coverage so you are protected, no matter what is thrown at you.

Boat towing coverage in Connecticut