Off-Road Motorcycle Insurance in Connecticut

While you are enjoying the great outdoors, do not allow the unexpected to catch you off guard. Off-road vehicles are designed to handle a lot of tough conditions, but they are still prone to damage and accidents, including roll-overs and collisions with trees or other objects.

Many off-road riders do not realize that if their ATV, dirt bike or sand rail is driven off of their property, their homeowners insurance will not cover damage. KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut offers specialized insurance with coverages you will not find on a typical homeowners or auto policy to protect you and your off-road vehicle wherever you go.

ATV Insurance in Connecticut

Dirt Bike Insurance

Your auto policy likely does not cover your dirt bike when you go off-road in Connecticut. Because dirt bikes are made for rough conditions, your insurance policy should do the same with specialized coverage to protect you against off-road accidents, custom accessories, damage during transit and coverage for theft, as dirt bikes are easy targets for thieves because they do not require registration. Learn more about dirt bike insurance and get a free quote today.

ATV Insurance

ATVs are stable at low speeds and popular among hunters, trail riders and ranchers in Connecticut. Even if ATV insurance is not required for your use, it is a good idea to make sure your all-terrain vehicle is covered against theft and damage with specialized coverage to protect you against the "what ifs."

Dirt Bike Insurance in Connecticut

Utility ATV Insurance

Utility ATV Insurance

Utility all-terrain vehicles are growing in popularity, used for recreation as well as farming, hunting and ranching. Your UTV is most likely not covered by your home or auto policy, so it is important to get a specialized Utility ATV policy to protect your vehicle from collisions, liability, theft and other mishaps.

Sand Rail Insurance

Sand Rail Insurance

While your sand rail is not used on the street, you have still put a substantial amount of money into your vehicle. Dune buggy insurance protects your investment with comprehensive coverage at an affordable price to make sure you are protected on your next ride.