Motorcycle Cruiser Insurance in Connecticut

Cruisers now make up about 60% of the motorcycle market in the United States and with good reason. Popular since the 1930s, cruisers offer a classic style. At KADAIR Insurance, we will help you find the perfect motorcycle insurance to protect your cruiser with the level of coverage you need.

Protect Your Cruiser Motorcycle with Affordable Insurance in Connecticut

KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut believes it is the little things that really matter

Insure your bike with cruiser insurance and enjoy:

  • If your bike is stolen or totaled, Total Loss Insurance means you get a new bike just like the original
  • Accessories covered up to $3,000
  • Damaged OEM parts are always replaced with new OEM parts
  • Bodily injury coverage if someone else is accidentally hurt while you are riding
  • Bodily injury will cover your injuries if you are hurt in an accident with an uninsured motorist
  • You are covered if your cruiser is damaged in an accident or due to theft, fire, vandalism and other losses -- even while the bike is in winter storage!
  • Insure your custom upgrades and paint job
Motorcycle Liability Coverage in Connecticut
Motorcycle Cruiser Insurance in Connecticut

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Did you know cruisers are the most affordable type of motorcycle to insure? There are several other factors that go into motorcycle insurance, along with the type of motorcycle, including the age of the rider and the driving record. KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut will walk you through the factors that impact the price you pay, go over the level of coverage you should have, and help you find an affordable cruiser insurance policy that will protect your bike at a price you can afford.