Mega Yacht Insurance in Connecticut

Mega yachts, or super yachts, measure at least 150 feet and most are professionally crewed. These private-owned boats may be powered by motor or sail and they have become increasingly popular over the last ten years.

Your yacht gives you the freedom to head into open waters and experience exotic destinations. It is also a major financial investment. At KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut, we offer mega yacht insurance to protect both your investment and your lifestyle from whatever life throws at you. KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut will help you design a custom policy that fits your needs, regardless of how often you use your yacht.

Luxury Yacht Insurance for Super Yachts in Connecticut

Super yacht owners have specific insurance needs that are simply not covered by the standard marine insurance. Because no two vessels are identical, and your needs may be different than those of other yacht owners, we will create a tailored mega yacht policy that meets your coverage needs while providing the highest level of customer service.

While every yacht insurance policy is different, the following are basic yacht policy features:

Yacht Insurance Quote in Connecticut
  • Agreed Value policy covers physical damage to your yacht. You will not be paid "up to" the policy amount but rather the full agreed value of your mega yacht in the case of a covered total loss.
  • Pollution liability covers you against the cost of fuel spills, regardless of whether the fuel spill or pollution is the result of a covered loss.
  • Medical payments coverage, which is offered on a per person basis rather than per occurrence.
  • Uninsured boaters liability protects you against uninsured boaters by paying for your medical expenses and property damaged sustained in an accident.
  • Towing and emergency assistance

Additional Mega Yacht Insurance Options

The following coverage options may also be added to your policy.

Luxury Yacht insurance in Connecticut
  • Hull deductible waiver. If a covered claim exceeds the Hull Deductible amount, there will be no deductible applied.
  • No depreciation applies to the machinery inside the hull, crew personal property, personal property and personal watercraft.
  • Occasional charter coverage.
  • Captain and crew coverage, which extends liability coverage to the captain and crew serving aboard your yacht.
  • Marina as additional insured covers the marina, yacht club or other facility where you store your yacht.
  • Mooring or slip rental agreement waiver.
  • Legal coverage will protect you against the cost of a legal defense related to the ownership or use of your yacht.

Get a Super Yacht Insurance Quote in Connecticut

KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut has offered specialty insurance to luxury yacht owners for decades. We insure yachts valued at $5 million or more with exceptional coverage and unique policy features. We are dedicated to providing you with the yacht insurance coverage you need, which means we do not offer one-size-fits-all policies but rather we recognize that your yacht and insurance needs are different than those of other clients.

Contact KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut today for a mega yacht insurance quote to protect yourself and your investment.