Medium Duty Truck Insurance in Connecticut

As you are probably already aware, it can be a challenge to find great insurance for a medium or heavy-duty truck that is pulling travel trailer, horse trailer with living quarters or a fifth wheel. Many travel trailers today require a medium or heavy-duty tow vehicle with a hitch, as you certainly would not want to tow a large trailer with the average light-weight truck.

At KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut, we provide top-notch and affordable medium duty tow vehicle insurance. We represent several specialty RV insurance companies with the lowest premiums around. We can also write a policy for your medium or heavy-duty truck by itself -- depending on usage -- or offer a combination policy for the hauler and towing unit!

Medium Duty Truck Insurance Quote in Connecticut
Medium Duty Truck Policy in Connecticut

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Keep in mind many insurance companies cover medium duty trucks on an overpriced commercial policy or they give you a stripped-down auto policy that does not cover your needs. You do not have to choose between the two! You need excellent specialty coverage at a price you can afford, and that is where we come in.

Medium duty trucks are very multi-purpose. Some truck owners use them only for towing and make their purchase based on what the truck is capable of towing. The most common medium and heavy-duty tow vehicles are built on a Volvo, Freightliner or Peterbilt heavy-duty chassis, while many car manufacturers like Ford and Chevy offer trucks that fall into this category.

We know it can be tough to find the insurance you need for your specialty truck. KADAIR Insurance will make sure you are covered in every situation, whether your truck will be used daily, at a construction site, for landscaping work or to tow a travel trailer for weekend getaways.

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KADAIR Insurance has you covered. Give us a call today to get a free quote on medium duty truck insurance and see just how competitive our rates are without sacrificing the coverage and services you expect.