Fifth-Wheel Insurance in Connecticut

Are you planning to buy a new fifth wheel in Connecticut? Are you currently insuring your fifth wheel on your car insurance policy? Unfortunately, too many RV owners discover too late that they do not have the type of specialized coverage they require.

Most auto policies do not have comprehensive coverage for personal belongings, while homeowner policies place limits on off-premises coverage and require a large deductible. Our specialized RV insurance for fifth wheels offers the coverage you need for peace of mind on your next trip.

Fifth-Wheel Insurance Coverage in Connecticut

KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut will help you build a customized fifth wheel policy that offers coverage not included in auto policies, including:

  • Comprehensive coverage to protect against sudden, direct or accidental loss, including collision, smoke, flood, fire, landslides, animals, vandalism, theft, lightning and low branches.
  • Coverage for Attached Accessories, such as TV antennas, satellite dishes and awning.

We also offer many types of optional coverage for your fifth wheel to customize your RV insurance policy. Popular optional coverage includes:

5th wheel insurance in Connecticut

Travel Trailer Insurance in Connecticut
  • Total Loss Replacement coverage protects your fifth wheel from depreciation. If your new-model fifth wheel is destroyed within the first 5 model years and you are the original owner, your insurance policy will cover the cost to replace it with a brand-new fifth wheel of similar quality and type, no matter the cost. In model years 6-10, your policy will give you up to the original purchase price toward the purchase of a new fifth wheel. Most auto policies will only pay the Actual Cash Value at the time of the claim or damage.
  • Emergency Expenses coverage reimburses you for travel or lodging if your fifth wheel is destroyed or damaged by a covered loss at least 50 miles from your home.
  • Replacement Cost protects personal effects and belongings that are stolen or destroyed.
  • Campsite/Vacation Liability coverage offers liability protection when you are parked at your campsite location.
  • Towing and Roadside Assistance means you do not need a separate towing plan. Jump starts, towing, flat tire changes, fuel delivery, locksmith services and roadside assistance will be a call away with no out-of-pocket costs.
  • Full-Timer coverage offers liability protection like a home insurance policy. While car insurance policies only offer liability protection while you are on the road, Full-Timer coverage protects you if you are parked or using the fifth wheel as a residence.

KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut also offers special coverage for stationary fifth wheels if you use your fifth wheel as permanent or seasonal residents, which includes medical payments, liability coverage, and property damage, as well as insurance for your medium duty tow truck used to tow your fifth wheel.

Get a Free Fifth Wheel Insurance Quote

Do not assume your auto insurance policy will protect your fifth wheel; contact KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut today for a specialized fifth wheel insurance quote that offers the coverage you need, the features you want and a price that matches your budget. We want you to be safe, whether you are on the road or stationary, and we will do your comparison shopping for you among top-rated RV insurance companies. Give us a call today to talk to a trained, exceptional agent specializing in RV insurance.