Dirt Bike Insurance in Connecticut

Your auto insurance does not necessarily cover your dirt bike when you go off-road. Your dirt bike is designed to handle rough conditions, and your insurance policy should be designed to do the same. Dirt bike insurance is a specialty type of insurance that differs from standard motorcycle insurance. While motorcycle liability insurance protects against on-road accidents, dirt bikes are not street legal, which means you need coverage that truly addresses your riding.

KADAIR Insurance has you and your dirt bike covered with dirt bike insurance that covers all the contingencies and "what-ifs."

What Dirt Bike Insurance Covers in Connecticut

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  • Coverage against theft. Dirt bikes do not require registration, which means they are easy targets for theft as they are very hard to track down. Get a policy that covers you against theft, even if your dirt bike is stolen from your trailer or transportation utility. This is something you will not get with a car insurance policy!
  • Fire protection while your dirt bike is in the garage or stored on your property.
  • Damage protection to cover your dirt bike during transportation.
  • Custom accessories coverage. This optional coverage covers the value of your dirt bike, including any accessories.
  • Comprehensive coverage protects you against vandalism, fire, and acts of nature (such as hail and tornado)
  • Collision coverage to protect against collisions with fence posts or trees
  • Roadside assistance coverage, which protects you if your bike is stuck in the mud or needs mechanical repairs
Dirt bike liability insurance in Connecticut

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Whether you are hitting a motocross track, ORV park or private trails, dirt bike insurance is a wise choice. Did you know you may even be legally required to have liability insurance on your bike if you are riding on public lands or state-maintained trails?

KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut will do your comparison shopping for you to help you find an affordable dirt bike insurance quote that meets your needs without going over budget. Dirt bike insurance is typically very affordable -- are you ready to ride with peace of mind?