Dinghy Yacht Insurance in Connecticut

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Despite the fact that a dinghy is typically carried by a larger boat, it is still important to have dinghy insurance. Dinghy's are usually rowboats between six and twenty feet long, although they can have an outboard motor or even sails. Dinghy can also refer to recreational open sailing boats or small racing yachts.

If you have just purchased a dinghy or you are considering changing insurance companies, it is very important to get a policy that meets your needs. KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut has offered specialty dinghy insurance for many years and we will help you build a comprehensive policy that protects you.

What Dinghy Insurance Covers in Connecticut

Dinghy Insurance Quote in Connecticut
  • Liability insurance. You should not head out on the water without liability insurance, which protects you if you cause damage to another watercraft or cause an injury to a third party.
  • Racing. Many dinghy yacht insurance policies cover racing at club events, Open Meetings and National, European, World Championships events and more.
  • New for old coverage replaces damaged items with new replacements. There is often an age limit on your covered equipment, however.
  • Comprehensive coverage will protect your dinghy against accidental damage, vandalism, theft, fire and more.
  • Coverage for inland and coastal waters
  • Coverage for your personal belongings
  • Personal accident insurance covers accidental death or injury
  • Coverage while your dinghy is in transit

Get a Free Dinghy Yacht Insurance Quote in Connecticut

Do not assume your existing policy is offering adequate coverage for your dinghy. Contact KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut today for a free quote on dinghy insurance. We will help you determine the coverage that will offer the best protection for your dinghy and how you use it.