Custom Accessories Insurance Coverage in Connecticut

When you purchase comprehensive or collision coverage for your motorcycle, your policy will likely include a minimum of $1,000 in custom parts and equipment (CPE) coverage -- also known as accessory coverage. If you have a highly customized bike, it is worth considering the investment in additional CPE coverage to cover your equipment up to $30,000.

At KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut, we know just how much your bike means to you, and how much time, effort and money you have put into making it unique. We offer CPE insurance that will restore your bike to its previous condition if it is damaged, stolen or totaled.

Custom motorcycle insurance in Connecticut

We Offer Custom Parts and Equipment Insurance Coverage in Connecticut

CPE coverage protects devices, accessories, equipment, changes and enhancements -- basically anything done beyond that installed originally from the manufacturer that changes the appearance of performance of a motorcycle or off-road vehicle.

Custom accessories coverage includes:

  • Electronic equipment or devices that play back media or send or receive signals
  • Sidecars, when attached to the insured vehicle
  • Trailers designed to pull behind the bike or off-road vehicle, when attached
  • Trike conversion kits
  • Custom exhaust or paint
  • Plow blades or winches
  • Safety riding apparel, such as helmets (theft is not covered, but coverage is offered in a collision loss)
  • Custom seats and crash bars

CPE coverage in Connecticut
Custom accessories coverage in Connecticut

As an example, if your motorcycle has custom fenders, levers, handlebars and a paint job totaling $5,000, you can purchase an additional $4,000 in custom accessories coverage to make sure your upgrades are covered if you are involved in an accident.

If you have a highly customized motorcycle, custom parts and equipment (CPE) coverage is highly recommended. You have worked hard to make your bike the way you want, and it should be protected if you are involved in an accident. We can cover custom equipment and accessories that are already on your bike, as well as any parts you add later.

If you have any questions about which items are considered custom accessories and parts for motorcycle accessory coverage and which are automatically covered by a policy, or you are interested in this specialized type of coverage, give KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut a call today to go over your options.