Classic Boat Insurance in Connecticut

Classic boats require more coverage than a regular boat. Do you know if your current boat insurance protects you from depreciation if there is a total loss? This is very important! At KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut, we will help you find the proper coverage with collector boat or classic boat insurance that fits your needs.

Classic Boat Insurance: What is Covered?

Wooden boat insurance in Connecticut
  • Wooden boats
  • High-quality reproductions of classic wood boats
  • Home-built or kit-built wooden boats
  • Most Trawlers and Cruisers
  • Mono-hulled sailboats
  • Runabouts
  • Utilities
  • Launches
  • Skiffs
  • Classic non-wooden boats that are 18 feet or longer, at least 12 years old, 45 mph or less top speed and valued at more than $10,000

Why Choose Our Collector Boat Insurance in Connecticut?

With KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut, you will get the features and coverage you need at a price you can afford. When you get classic or collector boat insurance, your coverage options and policy can include:

Classic boat insurance quote in Connecticut
  • Agreed value. This means you will receive 100% of the full agreed value of your boat if there is a covered total loss, rather than a check for "up to" the insured value. A stated value policy means you will always receive the full insured amount in a total loss.
  • Low premiums. We know your classic boat will not be used daily like a car. Our coverage is designed specifically for your type of boat and how you use it.
  • Unlimited pleasure usage. Classic boats are made to be enjoyed, not sitting around in storage and taken out only once or twice a year. At KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut, we will give you a policy that does not require a mandatory winter lay-up period so you can sail toward warm waters.
  • In-house claims. Your claim will always be handled by a classic boat insurance expert employed in-house, with personal, direct service. We will also work directly with your choice of repair shop to make sure repairs are done correctly.
  • Your choice of repair shop. We do not expect you to trust your boat to just anyone, so you have your choice of repair shop whenever repairs are necessary.
  • Unlimited land transportation. Wherever your boat goes, your insurance policy goes as well, even if your boat is on a trailer or in storage.
  • Boat restoration insurance. Restoration can be time-consuming and expensive, and not many insurance companies are willing to work with owners during this time. KADAIR Insurance will get you a policy that covers you during the restoration period.
Collectors boat insurance in Connecticut

Get a Free Classic Boat Insurance Quote

Get the coverage you need at a price that matches your budget. At KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut, we will do your comparison shopping for you to make sure you get a policy that offers all of the features you need -- such as choice of repair shop and stated value -- to protect your valuable asset. Call us today for a free classic boat insurance quote before you head out on the water!