Class C RV Insurance in Connecticut

Motorhome insurance in Connecticut

Class C RVs, also known as mini motorhomes, are different from Class A and Class B RVs because they are constructed on a truck chassis or cut-away van with a sleeping compartment over the cab, full living quarters and the ability to sleep up to 8 people. A hybrid of a truck and a camper, Class C RVs are offer convenience and affordability when you want to get away for a weekend.

Unfortunately, many RV owners assume their auto policy offers adequate coverage for their RV, although this is not the case. Regardless of the type of RV you own, it requires specialized RV coverage to protect against the risks you face on the road, including theft, campsite liability and even a breakdown, which requires lodging someone else while the RV is fixed. At KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut, we specialize in RV insurance with the coverage you need for your mini motorhome at a price you can afford.

Mini Motorhome Insurance Coverage in Connecticut

KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut will help you create a personalized insurance quote that offers the coverage you need. The following are some popular coverage options available for Class C motorhomes.

RV Class C Insurance in Connecticut
  • Storage option for lower premiums while your RV is being stored.
  • Full Replacement Cost coverage means you are protected against depreciation if your RV is totaled or stolen
  • Personal Effects coverage protects your personal belongings, including clothing and electronics.
  • Full-Timer coverage offers primary-residence protection if your RV is your home.
  • Emergency Expense coverage covers the cost of lodging when your RV is being repaired.
  • Vacation/Campsite Liability protects you while your RV is used as a vacation home.
  • Permanent Attachments coverage protects awnings, satellite dishes and more.
  • Pet Injury coverage protects four-legged family members.

Get a Free Class C RV Insurance Quote in Connecticut

Do not let the size of your Class C RV fool you; you still need full-sized RV insurance to protect your investment. Mini motorhomes are smart investments that should be protected with the right coverage. With KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut, you can protect what is important to you, including your personal possessions and pets, with a personalized policy that offers the coverage you choose at a price that matches your budget. Contact us today to get your free RV insurance quote!