Bass Fishing Boat Insurance in Connecticut

Bass boats require insurance policies that include special consideration for how the boat is used, the top speed of the bass boat, the agreed value, coverage for fishing equipment and much more. If you currently have a policy that is not designed specifically for bass fishing boats, you probably do not have the coverage you need, or you are paying too much for your policy.

KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut will help you find the right policy that offers coverage to fit your needs. We offer bass boat insurance coverage for boats used by professional guides as well as pleasure fisherman or for boats used in fishing tournaments.

Fishing boat coverage in Connecticut

What Bass Boat Insurance Covers in Connecticut

  • Equipment coverage. Our policies include between $1,000 and $14,000 in equipment coverage so you can rest easy using your cameras, portable GPS and fishing equipment knowing it is covered in case of accident or damage.
  • Liability coverage. Protect yourself and others with a liability limit up to $1,000,000 to cover loss of life, property damage and bodily injury to third parties. Liability coverage offers restitution for damage you are responsible for, as well as legal fees and court costs if you are sued.
  • Hull coverage offers compensation for damages to your boat. This includes damage to the engine, navigation equipment, machinery and other components. Hull coverage protects you against damage sustained during a collision, theft, vandalism, fire, weather or acts of nature.

Additional Fishing Boat Insurance Options

The above standard insurance coverage options can leave gaps in your coverage, potentially leaving you without protection. For full coverage, you may want an all-risk policy as opposed to a named-risk policy. In addition, there are several other types of optional coverage's to cover you against all possible hazards.

  • Fishing tournament reimbursement. This type of coverage will reimburse out-of-pocket fishing tournament entry fees if you cannot participate in a tournament.
  • Fuel spill and wreckage cleanup. Boat collisions can require very expensive clean up, particularly when fuel spills lead to water pollution. If you are found responsible for damages, you will be required to pay the clean-up costs. This type of optional insurance covers the expense of the clean-up.
  • Premises liability coverage. This is especially important for commercial bass fishing boats, as it includes medical payments and personal injury coverage, along with slander, libel, wrongful entry and invasion of privacy. This type of coverage protects you if someone is hurt or you are liable for damages on your boat.
  • Storm haul-out insurance. If there is a NOAA-named storm in your area, this coverage protects against the cost of hauling or securing your boat.
  • Charter boat coverage. If you operate as a fishing guide or run a charter boat fishing operation, this type of coverage is required.

Professional anglers require additional coverage to protect equipment, their boats and themselves. If you own a business that involves a fishing boat, you are also required to carry insurance. Our bass boat insurance can fulfill this requirement while offering coverage options that meet your needs. If your boat is used solely for sports or recreational fishing, it is still important to choose a fishing boat insurance policy that protects your investment.

Fishing boat insurance quote in Connecticut

Get a Free Bass Boat Insurance Quote in Connecticut

Contact KADAIR Insurance in Connecticut today for a free bass fishing boat insurance quote. We will help you create a comprehensive policy that covers your use of your boat and any potential hazards you may encounter -- all at a price that matches your budget. We will do your comparison shopping for you among top-rated boat insurance companies to save you time and money while protecting your investment.